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TCL’s C81 Series Television Wins the “Best Buy TV 2020-2021” from EISA TCL’’s Ray•Danz Soundbar Wins the “Best Buy Soundbar 2020-2021” from EISA

Aug 18,2020

Aug 18,2020


This year, TCL wins a double victory. Respectively launched in May 2020 and in March 2020 in Europe, the C81 Series and the RAY•DANZ sound bar have both conquered EISA’s image and sound experts with their performance.


Paris, August 17th, 2020 – 


TCL 65C815


TCL’s ultra-competitive 65C815, was awarded this year by EISA’s image and sound experts as the Best Buy TV. EISA is the only association with 61 specialized magazines in 29 global countries and has now been celebrating the very best products for over 35 years.


This new series, launched in May 2020 in Europe, combines an ultra slim design, 4K HDR PREMIUM Quantum Dot picture quality for life-like and sharper pictures. With this new series, extreme performance meets breathtaking elegance in a perfect harmony.


“TCL’s 65C815 is a rich affordable 4K large screen with an assured picture performance. Its Quan tum dot panel is used for wide colour delivery, while edge Led illumination and the TV’s efficient processing ensure HDR sources have dramatic contrast. Audio from the Dolby Atmos-compatible integrated 2.1 speaker system is a punchy accompaniment, and TCL’s commitment to usability also impresses – Android TV makes content selection a breeze, and hands-free Google Assistant invites owners to get talking. This a TV that offers tangible value for money.” The EISA judges said.


Our intention for C815 was to provide best mix of key functionalities required by consumers in 2020. Simply we enhired product capabilities in all areas. We used QLED panel to reproduce lifelike colors, supreme motion performance to meet sports enthusiasts expectations and team up with Dolby to deliver best ever Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos performance in best value price segment. Today everyone can experience Dolby Vision with Netflix. Our cooperation with Onkyo delivered sound performance not available so far from TV sets. On design side we just focused on timeless, glass, real metal concept.” says Marek Maciejewski, Product Development Director Europe


The exceptional colours of QLED with sound by Onkyo


Thanks to state-of-the-art Quantum Dot technology, the TCL 65C815 TV delivers genuine cinematic colour made from over a billion colours and shades. They make it possible to deliver a level of colour reproduction, detail and depth which are unrivalled by any other LED or OLED TV.  You can also enjoy an incredibly immersive Dolby Atmos sound experience for your movies, music, and video games thanks to its ONKYO high-class 2.1 sound system. The luxury metal design of C81 Series comes with an innovative 3 legs central stand which gives a floating effect to the TV and allow to fit this large screen even in limited space at home.


TCL RAY•DANZ soundbar


TCL TS9030 RAY•DANZ soundbar


2020 is a great year for TCL as it also received an award for the RAY•DANZ soundbar, a product that delivers a truly immersive Dolby Atmos home entertainment experience. TCL has developed the RAY•DANZ technology featuring uniquely rearward angled speakers that beam sound waves towards curved acoustic reflector units. This is a solution that directs sound outward in a wide pattern, providing a much larger soundstage than other soundbars on the market can offer at similar price. This, together with a centrally positioned speaker to deliver dialogue and create a strong center presence, and in combination with Dolby Atmos, delivers 3D sound consumers can experience without additional rear or celling speakers and wires. 



TCL’s TS9030 soundbar offers a crowd-pleasing mix of affordability, usability and performance prowess. Dolby Atmos-compatible, with Google Home multiroom support and a wireless subwoofer connection, it uses the company’s RAY•DANZ acoustic lens technology to optimize playback from its driver array. The result is a wide, 3.1-channel soundfield ideal for living room environments, with a dedicated center speaker for all-important dialogue clarity. The soundbar also bristles with user-friendly features, including music playback via USB, wireless streaming through Chromecast, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth, and HDMI switching with 4K HDR passthrough. It’s an audio upgrade with all-round appeal.” State The EISA judges.


We are so proud to receive this award for the third time, and especially two awards this year for TCL products. It fully contributes to the TCL’s brand development in Europe and reinforce our objective to offer the best value to our consumers for a premium television experience” states Frédéric Langin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of TCL Europe. 


Our intention for RAY•DANZ soundbar was to provide immersive sound available from streaming services, TV programmes and game consoles to everyone. We team up with Dolby to deliver Dolby Atmos 3D sound with innovative sound lens concept. You get sound dome or in other worlds extremely wide sound stage only with sound bar, you don't need extra speakers, you don't need cables. Immersive sound is not everything today, there are audio streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, ... you have in your mobile phones you can use with RAY•DANZ and experience them in hifi quality. All innovations we put into this piece of tech art deliver wide sound stage and sound height virtualization consumer can control. Things have changed soundbar is not anymore just better TV sound but also your streaming hifi speaker.” adds Marek Maciejewski, Product Development Director Europe


TCL RAY•DANZ soundbar uses a triple-Channel Speakers – The center Channel, the Surround Channels and the Wireless Subwoofer. The combination of all three technologies provides an extremely wide and precise soundstage with great precision without any digital processing.


Aug 18,2020

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