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Immersive home entertainment with TCL's expanding XL Collection: bigger screens, bolder experiences

May 29,2023

May 29,2023


May 29, 2023 - TCL, the Global top 2 TV brand and top 1 98-inch TV brand[1], keeps expanding its XL Collection, with large TV screens from 65-inch to all the way up to 98-inch, to push the boundaries of consumer expectations for screen sizes, providing total immersion and exceptional image quality. In line with TCL’s brand signature “Inspire Greatness”, these outstanding models - even more numerous in 2023 range - showcase TCL's capability for innovation and its ability to offer outstanding and extraordinary experiences.


A leading brand in extra-large TV screens


The TCL XL Collection was introduced in the European market at IFA 2022 with notably the 98-inch C73 Series, the first TCL 98-inch QLED TV. This award-winning large screen TVs offer total immersion with advanced TV technology paired with Google TV – so viewers can enjoy the best possible picture quality and premium content. Interesting fact: when sitting about three meters away from the 98C735 screen at home, users enjoy the same 60-degrees field of view as watching a gigantic 30-meters screen from the middle row, center seats at a movie theater. This total immersion in the image transports users to the heart of the action and allows to experience unforgettable moments of entertainment.


One of TCL's major achievements is its position as the global 98-inch TV category with the world’s largest market share in 2022[2].TCL also ranked first in France, Italy, Australia, and Pakistan in terms of sales performance for the 98-inch TV market, granting them the leading position overall so far. With its technological expertise and commitment to innovation, TCL has captivated consumers with large screens that deliver a stunning visual experience.


TCL 98-inch TV


Expansion of the XL Collection by TCL Europe, with even more choices


Since then, TCL has continued to expand its range to meet consumer needs. Indeed, TCL's XL Collection TVs are available in various sizes and more options in 2023, with new 65 inches[3], 75 inches[4], 85 inches[5] products, and the renowned 98-inch model[6]. These XL televisions offer exceptional 4K resolution and display quality on par with the best IMAX theaters. Additionally, TCL recently announced the upcoming arrival of new 98-inch Mini LED options in Europe, promising even more impressive image quality.


TCL XL Collection


With different choices of screen sizes and technologies, whether users are sports enthusiasts, gamers, or movie fans, TCL's XL will provide them with a larger-than-life immersive home viewing experience. Indeed, with an awe-inspiring large screen, TCL’s XL Collection TVs, are designed so that sports fans can celebrate the highlights of football, rugby, and basketball at home, sitting courtside without leaving the comfort of their couch. These televisions will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your home entertainment experience, transporting you to the heart of the action with incredible details and stunning image quality.




TCL remains committed to meeting the evolving expectations of consumers for screen sizes, offering options that push the boundaries of immersion and entertainment. Stay tuned for even more announcements during the 3rd quarter of 2023!


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May 29,2023


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