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TCL Announced Carbon Commitments During 2023 TCL Global Ecosystem Partner Conference

Jul 12,2023

Jul 12,2023


TCL Industries’ Carbon Neutrality Whitepaper Outlines Action Plans for a Greener Industry


Hong Kong, TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world's top two TV brand, hosted its 2023 TCL Global Ecosystem Partner Conference (GPC 2023), where it announced the TCL Industries’ Carbon Neutrality White Paper, officially declaring the company’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and mapping a sustainability action plan in a pledge to set the industry’s benchmark for fostering green developments.


TCL Announced Carbon Commitments


2023 TCL Global Ecosystem Partner Conference: Collective Goals for a More Sustainable Industry


The conference gathered together over 500 executives from leading companies and business partners from global smart terminal, display technology and green energy industries in an aim to collectively create and uphold a new green standard for the manufacturing industry.


During the keynote, Tomson Li, Founder and Chairman of TCL, and other industry representatives delivered powerful sentiments on technological innovation and green development, to elaborate on TCL’s vision and mission in building a sustainable industrial ecosystem.


To further promote the ecosystem, TCL hosted a live roundtable discussion, inviting experts in the industry and academia, along with business partners, to share their expertise and insights on technological innovation and collaboration across the supply chain.


The day culminated in a host of ceremonies aimed at fostering the construction of regional industry chains and further facilitation of technological collaborations, including Hubei’s first national dual-cross platform upgrade and Getech Settlement Ceremony.


The TCL Carbon Neutrality Whitepaper: Pledges and Action for a Greener Future


The White Paper on Carbon Neutrality reveals a detailed proposition of the company’s plans to achieve and sustain its carbon commitments, including top-line design of TCL’s dual carbon control, dual carbon target pledges, three-step developmental plan, overarching design, sustainable product innovation, environmentally friendly growth, inclusive ecology and more. Highlights of the report include:


1.     The establishment of a TCL climate change working group and carbon neutral planning chart to set clear roles and responsibilities and establish accountability.

2.     A pledge for TCL to achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality in operation by 2050.

3.     TCL’s three-step plan to achieve these goals, consists of a carbon investigation (research, goal setting, and solution), carbon peaking (building capacity, taking action to reduce carbon emissions), and carbon neutrality (how to sustain momentum to continually reduce carbon emissions).

4.     The establishment of a green industrial ecosystem: promoting joint collaboration between the industry supply chain and wider society to create a clean, carbon-free ecosystem.

5.     Guiding TCL into green development and reducing carbon emissions through driving low-carbon changes in factories and operation centers, setting the industry benchmark for energy efficiency through technological innovation.

6.     Leveraging TCL's industry leadership  to promote upstream and downstream companies to jointly reduce carbon emissions.


Packaging with Purpose – Planet-Friendly Materials and Thoughtful Design 

In addition to laying out its ambitious plans to achieve carbon neutrality, TCL also highlighted the efforts it is making to make its products more sustainable. As a brand that shipped 23.78 million branded smart TVs worldwide in 2022, TCL recognizes it has a responsibility to embrace eco-conscious materials across all aspects of its product design, such as promoting the use of soybean ink, recyclable paper and paper packaging materials certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), as well as using ABS recyclable plastics. Besides, TCL has also made its new air conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine models more environmentally friendly, providing consumers with features that lower the overall impact on the environment.


From green factory to green supply chain, TCLGreen is a global initiative by TCL to inspire greatness and to help amplify the significance of sustainability efforts to local and global communities, creating a greener planet for all. It is also a significant milestone in the company’s ESG journey.



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