Q: Where is the serial number located on my product?

A: The serial number is located on the back of the TV and is in the form of a code; for example Z1201000000. On certain connected TVs, the serial number can also be found in the TV’s menu.


Q: What warranty is provided for TCL products?

A: The TV products distributed directly by TCL are subject to a 2-year nationwide manufacturer’s warranty. Be careful with imports from foreign countries: the TV may be subject to different warranty rules.


Q: Where can I purchase a new TCL remote control?

A: You can purchase an original remote control from your retailer, who will procure it directly from TCL.


Q: Which universal remote controls are compatible with TCL TVs?

A: You can purchase a universal remote control from our partner Logitech’s Harmony range.


Q: What is the password for resetting a TV locked in parent mode?

A: Remarks about the password for the Parental Control Locking function. The default password is 1234. The