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What to Look for when Choosing a Sports or Gaming TV?


Different TVs have different specifications. Gaming is a serious hobby for many so like anything we are passionate about, having the right equipment is important. Sports fans are equally as passionate about their viewing quality. If you are a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X owner, 4K is the future. Specification differences include the best colour variants possible, an enriched colour palette, the sharpest contrast and an assortment of possible viewing angles.


The 2018 release of TCL QLED TVs heralds a new age in picture sharpness and maximised colour. The 4K with ultra HD resolution and high dynamic range technologies are a whole new visual experience for the viewer. The TCL 4K HDR capability range is at a groundbreaking 10. Contrast and colour are the two things that must be considered when referring to HDR and its range. The higher the capacity, the better the picture.



One of the most important components of a high-quality viewing tv experience is contrast. There are two components that make up the elements of contrast. These are the peak brightness of the bright colours the tv will display and also the darkness of the blacks. The difference between the maximum brightness colour level and the darkest level is referred to as the contrast level. This allows your great TV to display its most dynamic appearance.


TCLs QLED TV ticks all boxes for those in game mode and sports lovers alike. Its Clear Motion Rate is second to none which reduces motion blur and makes every action fluid. The up to the minute technology make the depth and detail of colour explosive. Deep blacks are also deeper which blows the visuals for the gaming experience out of the water. One of the influences of a superior display is the LED backlighting. The TCL QLED TV has the best technology available to enhance this feature. The latest android TVs from TCL are certified by Google which means you will get unlimited access to selected games and other entertainment options.



Size plays a big factor for both the gamer and sports enthusiast and generally, a bigger TV is better. Gamers want to see their objective on the largest medium possible. Sports fans love the experience of being at the event via their TV. The bigger the picture the more realistic the experience.


If you are a sporting enthusiastic there has never been a better time to upgrade. Foxtel will be launching its own 4K channel. The inaugural events to be broadcast on this new channel will be the Australian Tests, One Day Internationals and selected Big Bashes. The channel is set to go live in October 2018. It will also feature documentaries, concerts and movies in the highest definition with the sharpest contrast. Foxtel and TCL are at the forefront of TV innovation and technology. Together they will bring you the best viewing TV has to offer.


TCL has also incorporated the highest premium sound in their QLED TVs. Harman Kardon has one of the greatest reputations in the sound systems industry for their quality and ingenuity. The Dolby Atmos system also delivers a realistic and immersive sound experience. It envelopes the whole room bringing the lifelike sound to the picture.



TCLs commitment to Australia’s premium international sporting events continues in 2018. This year is the 14th consecutive year as a sponsor of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. We will be the official title sponsor of the TCL TV Stakes race which takes place on Oaks Day. We will also be supplying all televisions for the VRC in the enormous permanent viewing structure at Flemington. The allows all racing viewers attending the event excellent trackside viewing from all points of the venue. TCL will have TVs all over the track giving ensuring all attendees will have access to all broadcasts.


TCL is also proud to continue their partnership with Melbourne Victory Football club for the 3rd year in a row. A highlight for soccer fans worldwide is also Neymar Jnr coming on board as TCL brand ambassador. Melbourne Victory has the highest attendance numbers in the A league. So far the team have won 4 championships, 3 premierships and a Westfield FFA Cup.


The sponsorship of Melbourne Cup and Melbourne Victory FC reinforces the companies global efforts to support the sporting industry. TCL is committed to delivering high-quality live sporting entertainment for loyal fans all over the world. TCL’s Australian general manager says “Sport is in the DNA of Australia and the company is honoured to bring our customers the ultimate home entertainment experience through our products.”



Buying Guide Summary


Gaming TV is a specific interest and therefore requires a specific television. A few fundamental influences that are going to also well, make the choice for you. Of course, you want the biggest and the best! However, if you are stuck in a small room you will have to buy the size appropriate the area.

It’s important to sort out your budget and do extensive research at your price point. You generally will have more than one option when it comes to choosing the right gaming TV. There is no point spending it all on the perfect gaming tv when you have sub-standard headphones or average controllers.


TCL International TV models have been rated on this website and are continually expanding on their technology, including our range of Android TV. A more up to date tv will have all the bells and whistles on the gamers wish list. This will include plenty of HDMI ports which will stop you having to worry about changing connections between your console/DVD/Blu-ray players. At this rate, there will be no need to leave the gaming area!


One of the attractions of gaming is the detail in the graphics. Having a refresh rate is second to none, so for the purposes of gaming, this is a massive plus. The depth and detail of colour are explosive with this generation of TV. Blacks are also deeper which blows the visuals for the gaming experience out of the water. One of the influences of a superior display is the LED backlighting. The TCL 4K Ultra HD TV has the best technology available to enhance this feature.


The latest 4K TVs from TCL are certified by Google which means you will get unlimited access to selected games.




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