How to choose the best Smart TV for you




Looking to purchase a Smart TV for your home or office, but not sure where to start? Its important to buy a brand with the right features, to make sure watching TV is an enjoyable experience for everyone in the family. Start streaming your favourite TV programs, connect it to the Internet, and make it a part of your smart home system. Take a look at our selection and find the perfect model for you.


Smart TVs make it easier to access quality content, by expanding the choice of platforms you can watch and interact with. With so many possibilities when it comes to a TV, it's crucial to choose a model suited to your needs. Are you looking to add a new device to your connected home? Are you thinking about upgrading your old TV and streaming content on Netflix or Youtube and be able to search on Google as well? Whatever the reason for your purchase might be, we have a solution for you.


Features of a Smart TV


Again, the features you will be looking for will depend tremendously on your reason for buying a smart TV in the first place. For instance, a person that is buying it purely for entertainment will not look for the same TV fatures as someone who is looking to expand their smart home system. However, there are a few things every TV buyer should keep in mind.


Resolution: Smart TVs can be found in various screen resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 4K, or others, which can make your decision-making process a bit complicated. Although higher resolution will imply more image detail, it doesn’t necessarily mean that TVs with higher resolution are better than the rest on the market. To produce quality pictures, a TV should have a good high dynamic range (HDR) performance and overall contrast ratio and color, not just more pixels.


Internet: Connecting your smart TV to the internet provides you with a lot more than just entertainment. You can use it for conference calls, business presentations, and any other informative and educational purpose, but the most common use is, without a doubt, streaming your favourite TV shows and movies. 


Light: One useful feature you might be interested in for your TV to have is the ability to adapt to light. For example, if your screen is too bright while watching a movie at night, your TV can adjust the brightness automatically so your experience is not undermined in any way.


Making a Decision


If you’re considering buying the cheapest TV because you are afraid to spend too much on your first smart TV, think twice because it is more than just a device - it is an interactive tool in your everyday life. 


Before your purchase, do some proper research. Many of our customers often get confused with all the TV terminology out there. A common confusion is whether a  LED smart TV is the same as a regular smart TV. To understand the difference, just think of a smart TV as an LED television that has an internet connection and can connect with other devices in your home or office. 


Smart TVs are easy to use which makes them convenient for everyone, even your kids. Additionally, you can forget about manually changing the channel or turning up the volume and start doing it with your voice. Another thing you will love is leaving the nest of messy cables in the past thanks to wireless connection. You can easily start streaming from your phone or any Apple device without getting up from the couch. How cool is that? 


So, if you’re still wondering which TV is best, it’s the one that best suits your needs. In other words, the model you end up choosing might not be your friend’s first choice. If you’re simply replacing your old TV to explore content on YouTube and Google, you can look at some of our moderately-priced options. However, if you’re buying to truly reap all of the benefits of a smart TV, compare our top models and analyse their features. The options are limitless once you find the TV with the features you’ve been looking for! 




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