The TCL C735 98" TV Overview




Let’s start with the obvious – this TV is big!


Coming in at 98 inches, this television has enough screen size to satisfy anyone. You can achieve a truly amazing home cinema feel or immerse yourself in the action of your favourite sports and TV shows. And whilst the massive screen size is the most obvious feature, the C735 contains an impressive suite of other features to back it up.


Let’s start with the visual.


Visual highlights of the C735 TV


This TV features 4K QLED resolution with Full Array local dimming, displaying enhanced brightness and uniformity across the whole screen. The contrast is amazing, with deep blacks and stunning overall picture quality full of detail and sharpness.


Further picture enhancement technologies have been added.


· HDR10+ offers a wide palette of rich, bold, and vivid colours with frame-by-frame adaptive control delivering subtle detail and tonal gradients. Enjoy a nuanced visual experience whatever you choose to watch.

· IMAX Enhanced brings cinema viewing standards inside your home. Using the trusted IMAX custom processing technology, your content is remastered with reduced noise and grain whilst retaining all the colour, contrast, and clarity.

· Dolby Vision IQ aims to extract the best possible picture quality from your movies, shows, and games. Additionally, Dolby Vision IQ monitors the ambient lighting around the TV and dynamically adjusts the picture to suit. You get stunning colour, contrast, and brightness control no matter the viewing conditions.

· Variable Refresh Rate offers something for the gamers as well. Enjoy smoother gameplay with reduced screen tearing and stuttering.


The C735 television also has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. With less judder and motion blur you’ll stay more engaged with the on-screen action whether movies, games, or sports.


All-in-all you get incredible picture quality with that awe-inspiring 98-inch screen.


Audio features of the C735 TV


Audio quality has certainly not been left behind (in fact, very much the opposite).


The C735 features an embedded speaker system by the renowned premium HiFi company, Onkyo Audio. You’ll be blown away by the precision and clarity of the sound, which can take your entertainment experience to another level.


Additionally, the audio is powered by Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby Atmos is capable of creating an incredibly immersive 3D sound stage, producing a home-theatre-like experience without the complex setup. You can now enjoy your entertainment with surround sound and a minimum of fuss.


The amazing audio quality has also recently been highlighted in various online reviews. Onkyo Audio speakers in other TCL TVs have been given top reviews stating the sound quality as one of the stand-out features.


” The TCL C735 offered quite possibly the best quality on-TV sound I’ve heard – really outstanding stuff.”
– Trevor Long, EFTM


” The Sound Quality Is Where The TCL C735 Really Shines.
For starters, the C735 is fitted out with a built-in subwoofer and front-facing Onkyo speakers. When you combine that with its Dolby Atmos, Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a TV that doesn’t really need a fancy soundbar to accompany it.”
– Lavender Baj, Gizmodo


The combination of premium visual and audio features make this TV an excellent choice for those wanting a little (or a lot) more screen space for their favourite entertainment.


Where can I buy one?


The TCL C735 Series 98-inch TV can be purchased online or instore through retailers including:


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