Choosing the Right TCL Soundbar




How we consume audio around our homes has come a long way from the early days when the radio and television used to be separate items.

Nowadays the lines have been blurred so intensely it's now possible to watch a live radio broadcast.


And that's just the beginning.


Turntables and stacked hi-fi systems that defined a lot of people's upbringing were great but with constant innovation, they have become more of a collector's item.


Now at the present, something different is taking over from where home theatre systems left off.




They no longer take up the whole room like systems of days gone by. Soundbars leave you free to decorate your home as you wish. For a simple home theatre sound experience, just a bar underneath your TCL television and a subwoofer is all that you need.


But don't be fooled.


The engineering that we have put into designing our soundbars means they still pack quite a punch, all in a stealthy, modern design.

The next question is, how best can you decide which soundbar is right for you?

Soundbar Power Output


The most important thing that will determine how best you are going to enjoy the sound coming out of your TV will be how much power your speaker's can output. A speaker's sound is directly proportional to how much output power it produces. Smaller speakers that consume less power will sound more brittle in comparison to larger speakers.


This is usually true but with well-engineered designs, smaller speakers can sound even better than many larger speakers. This is the philosophy that we decided to stick to when designing our soundbars. The TS3010 and TS7010 have both been created to provide a simple solution to your audio problems by delivering clear, deep and immersive sound to improve your home entertainment experience.


However, if you're looking for a soundbar that has been designed to provide the ultimate home audio, our new TS9030 Ray Danz Soundbar is the answer.


At a rating of 540 watts peak power, this far exceeds the amount that our previous soundbars can produce and with Dolby Atmos experience sound with breathtaking realism, so you feel like you're a part of the action all in the comfort of your own home.


Connectivity and Input/Output Options


A gripe that many people have had to endure with their soundbars to date is that they may sound great but they lack connectivity features that can support many different situations.


We thought, why not make things a little bit easier?


That's why we decided to provide a wide array of connectivity options across our entire soundbar range.


Making the decision easy, all of our soundbars can be connected via a 3.5mm Aux cord, HDMI ARC or Bluetooth as a standard feature for all models. Other connectivity features such as an optical connection and USB playback are also present across our range of soundbars.


All of these features rely on your television in one way or another but what if you would want to utilise your soundbar without having to switch on the television?


What if you want to enjoy some music from your phone?


Here at TCL we understand the reality of today.


We know that our products must become flexible and are able to adapt to suit your lifestyle.


Our new Ray Danz soundbar has the ability to connect to wifi and has been designed to work with both Apple Airplay 2 and Google Assistant.

Immerse yourself in premium sound and experience the flexibility that will come when a Ray Danz soundbar is present in your living room. Whether you are kicking back watching your favourite movie or grooving along to the hits of the day on Spotify, enjoy all of your entertainment without compromise.




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