How to Take Movie Night to the Next Level




There's nothing more enjoyable than planning a movie night with your family or friends. But if your TV is 20 years old or a small model that everyone has to huddle around to even see the screen, you're not really making movie night the best or most comfortable viewing experience it could be. Investing in a decent TV is a must-have for memorable movie nights as it makes watching a pleasant experience for everyone, rather than a chore to sit through.


Luckily with TCL TVs, you can now enjoy a whole host of incredible features that make movies clearer, brighter and more immersive than ever before. Let's take a look at what features you can expect with our range and how they can elevate your movie night.



8K and MiniLED


If you're after a movie viewing experience that's on the next level then consider a TCL TV with 8K technology. The TCL 8K X915 gives you a sharper picture quality and more high-frequency detail. If you're tossing up between 4K and 8K, then think of it this way; 4K gives you 8 million pixels for your picture but 8K gives you 33 million pixels - the detail you get with 4K is awesome but 8K is even better!


Another feature that we offer that can boost your viewing experience is our new Mini LED technology. The TCL X10 takes your viewing experience to the max and its incredible resolution comes down to an increased number of independent pixel-sized LED light sources - each one precisely controlled to deliver a much smoother, uniform and brighter illumination. This means incredible picture performance, no matter what you're watching.


HDR and Quantum Dot Technology


Ever noticed how sometimes when you take a photo with your phone it doesn't look as good as when seeing it with your own eyes? With the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature in your TV the opposite is true, you get rich and vibrant colors that look just as good or even better than real life. When coupled with Quantum Dot Technology (QLED), which uses LED backlighting with quantum dots for enhancing colour volume, the picture quality becomes something truly remarkable.



Big Screen Sizes


One of the main reasons for going to the cinema is so you can get the full immersion experience of a big screen. So why not replicate this in your own home with one of TCL's big screen sizes? This is a must, especially if movie night is a tradition in your household. Plus everyone will be able to comfortably view your big-screen TV without straining to see properly as no one wants to wake up the next morning with a crick in their neck.

With a big-screen TV that has excellent picture quality and crystal-clear detail, you can get up close and personal with your favourite actors or experience the thrill of a car chase as if you were really there too. There's also not having to leave the comfort of your own home to have a cinema-like experience every night of the week as a bonus.


We don't advocate a 100" TV for a small apartment but the average family home can definitely benefit from investing in a 65" or 75" 4K HDR model.


Built-in Streaming Services


Nothing ruins movie night faster than having a limited amount of movies to choose from. Luckily for you, TCL TVs have a number of built-in streaming services that give you access to thousands upon thousands of movies and TV shows.


Currently, these include:
- Netflix
- Stan
- Amazon Prime


Running an Android Operating System our TVs also have access to Google services such as Google Play Movies which gives you the ability to search for any movie, plus access to early releases.


Since a streaming service is like an 'all you can eat buffet' of content, having movies on tap and access to more than one service makes finding the right movie an easy task.



Don't Forget the Audio!


Even though your TV's built-in speakers might sound good, a soundbar can take your audio to the new heights by really letting you feel the drama of what's unfolding. TCL has a range of excellent wireless soundbars with deep bass and clear high-frequency speakers to enhance your entertainment.

If you really want to give your TCL TV the audio it deserves then consider a wireless soundbar featuring Dolby Atmos which works with Bluetooth, Google Assistant and Apple Airplay. Dolby Atmos is a powerful audio technology that allows individual sounds to move all around you. The result is a multi-dimensional, immersive sound experience that allows you to feel a stronger connection to what you're seeing on screen.


So as you can see, if you're looking to boost your movie night experience, you may want to dig a little deeper than just the snacks you get and let TCL help you maximise your time with a TV and soundbar that will make you feel like you're in the middle of all the action.




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