Boxing Day Sales 2022




Australians love to celebrate Boxing Day. Whether grabbing a bargain at the Boxing Day sales, socialising with friends and family, or just recovering from Christmas, there is plenty to do.

And of course, Boxing Day also marks the beginning of two major sporting events. In Sydney, there is the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. After leaving Sydney Harbour, competitors sail the approximately 1170km to Hobart and start arriving around New Year's Eve.

In Melbourne, it is the first day of the Boxing Day Test cricket match. This year we'll see South Africa taking on Australia, the first time since 2008 for this event.

And when it comes to the Boxing Day Sales in Australia, they are still the biggest event on the retail calendar. They also kick-off a more general sales season typically lasting through to mid-January. People get their chance to grab some great deals.

This year the sales are expected to be big as people look for bargains in a tighter economy. Last year, in 2021, it was estimated that Australians spent over $4 billion during the Boxing Day Sales. And for the sales period through January over $21 billion worth of goods were exchanged.

Boxing Day holiday is always the 26th December; the day following Christmas. This year, 2022, Boxing Day falls on a Monday.

Whilst the true meaning of the term 'Boxing Day' has been lost to history, we know it originated in the UK. From there, its popularity spread to many British Commonwealth countries around the world. Today, the holiday is currently celebrated in countries including Canada, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, and of course Australia.

In other countries, especially European countries, the day after Christmas is still celebrated, though under different names. In Germany, Ireland, and numerous other countries the day is known as Saint Stephen's Day. In Sweden, the term 'Annandag jul' is used which literally means 'the second day of Christmas'. Denmark uses a similar term.

Preparing for this year's Boxing Day sales

The trick with the Boxing Day Sales is to know what you want to buy in advance. Get online, or look through your letterbox brochures to find the best upcoming deals from your favourite retailers. Moreso, having a clear plan will reduce any impulse buying and help you stay within your intended budget.

When it comes to in-store sales, just remember; first in, first served. Many people get to the stores extra early so that they are at the start of the line when the doors open. Numerous retailers also have special opening hours during the sales, some opening from as early as 6:00am. Be sure to check the hours for the stores you wish to visit.

Finally, be aware of the crowds. Because of the popularity of the Boxing Day sales, be prepared to need a little more time to get places. Parking may be more difficult as well as the crowds in-store. Having your shopping plan will let you get in and out as quickly and smoothly as possible (with great deals).

Of course, if the in-store shopping experience is not your thing, there will still be some amazing deals online. As above, though, plan ahead and know what you are after as the best bargains get snapped up quickly.

Great deals on TCL TVs

For the best Boxing Day deals on new TVs, look out for our in-store and online retailers' upcoming promotions. Check your mailbox and retailer websites as the sales season approaches and we're sure you'll come out a happy customer. Merry Christmas, and good luck!



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