TCL's C825 Series Televisions Met With Approval




With the recent launch of TCL's 2021 television range, the first product reviews and industry discussions have begun to emerge.


TCL's premier offering in 4K resolution (4K UHD) are the C825 Series televisions. These models are packed full of innovative audio, picture, and connectivity technologies and features. We'll start with an overview of these features before leading on to some of the reviews and comments about the C825 Series.


C825 Series main features:


● 55", 65", 75", 85" screen sizes

● 4K Ultra HD resolution Mini LED

● Full array / local dimming

● Quantum Dot technology

● HDR10+ / Wide colour gamut

● Variable Refresh Rate

● IMAX Enhanced

● Dolby Vision IQ / Dolby Atmos

● Onkyo Audio speakers

● AiPQ Engine

● Android TV


The full list of features actually continues a bit longer, but you get the idea.



TV installation, setup, and initial experience


TCL televisions across the board are designed to be easy to setup. Additionally, with Mini LED, the C825 Series is relatively light for its size making installation simple and straightforward.


A few comments from reviewers:


The Gizmodo review of the TCL C825 Series TV by Lavender Baj.


"It was always really easy to set up. I’m a small, physically weak human … and I didn’t struggle to lift, position or set up this TV. Once switched on, the C825 is super user friendly. … AndroidTV is a really simple interface to navigate, everything loads really quickly and otherwise just… works."

- Lavender Baj, Gizmodo


EFTM's TCL C825 Mini LED TV Review by Trevor Long.


"Out of the box, I have to say, this TV did not disappoint."

- Trevor Long, EFTM


Next, we'll take a look at picture quality and some of the associated features.



Picture quality


Great picture quality is a vital element in any TV, and the modern standard is high. For the C825 Series, picture quality starts with the 4K resolution but moves on to a host of incredible technologies.


Quantum Dot technology and HDR10+ provide exceptional colour rendition and powerful contrast. Full Array local dimming and Dolby Vision IQ boost screen brightness, clarity, and control, whilst IMAX Enhanced gives a cinematic experience to on-screen entertainment.


" Rich colours, excellent black levels and sound to blow your mind.… it’s a great picture that leaps above what a standard LED offers in every way."

- Trevor Long, EFTM


" With Quantum Dot technology, precision brightness control and HDR 10+ technology, this TV – once you fiddle with the settings a little bit – really nails vibrant colours and the blackest of blacks.


I spent a lot of time testing this TV out watching various David Attenborough films because, you know, lockdown. And hoo boy, this is where I really noticed it. Sorry, but were we aware of how pink flamingos really are? Because I was not."

- Lavender Baj, Gizmodo


"The Australian" news website also has a few comments to make in their review of the C825 TV.


"…TCL offers very good screen quality with new Mini LED technology…. Other features include a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which will suit gaming, HDR10+ support in addition to Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth. The offering is versatile."

- The Australian


Now onto sound quality, something that can make or break an otherwise good TV.



Audio quality


Audio quality is never fully appreciated, until you don't get it. Poor audio can distract you with crackles, hiss, or other noise rather than being completely immersed in your movie or show.


The TCL C825 Series offers an immersive 3D sound stage driven by speakers from the well-known HiFi Audio company, Onkyo. Our reviewers have a few words to say:


" The TCL C825 offered quite possibly the best quality on-TV sound I’ve heard – really outstanding stuff."

- Trevor Long, EFTM


" The Sound Quality Is Where The TCL C825 Really Shines.


For starters, the C825 is fitted out with a built-in subwoofer and front-facing Onkyo speakers. When you combine that with its Dolby Atmos, Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a TV that doesn’t really need a fancy soundbar to accompany it."

- Lavender Baj, Gizmodo


With picture and audio out of the way, there is still plenty to talk about.



A few more comments


With the AiPQ Engine visual/audio processor at the heart of the TV, and running Android TV as its operating platform, the C825 Series has a lot going for it.


"… it’s running Android TV and should get Google TV as an upgrade (in the second half of 2021 – as a software update), the processor is snappy and apps load really well and fast."

- Trevor Long, EFTM


"I was pleasantly surprised that the C825 managed to upscale 1080p and 720p content to a level of clarity that feels illegally good for content I’m not paying for."

- Lavender Baj, Gizmodo


"Android TV is probably the most intuitive and logically set-out TV operating system. Your favourite apps appear across the top of the screen."

- The Australian


Add in a bunch of previously unmentioned features such as Variable Refresh Rate and the Entertainment Hub for a well-rounded package.



Final remarks


When you are looking for a new TV this year, take a look at the TCL C825 Series; you'll be impressed.


"As somebody who has always preferred to watch content on my laptop in bed, I can genuinely say I’ve been parked on the couch more than ever before."

- Lavender Baj, Gizmodo


"The TCL C825 is impressive tech at a reasonable price."

- The Australian


"… the TCL C825 is a great option for your brand new TV."

- Trevor Long, EFTM


TCL C825 Series TVs can be purchased both online and instore through numerous Australian physical retailers including JB Hifi, Bing Lee, and the Good Guys. The C825 Series can also be purchased through online-only retailers such as Appliances Online and Buy Smarte.




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