TCL's Latest Australian Product Range




This year TCL have launched a diverse selection of new product ranges into the Australian market, from TVs and Soundbars, to Fridges, Freezers, and Washing Machines. Later in the year, further launches are due for Air Conditioners, Air purifiers, and Robot Vacuum Cleaners.


Starting with the TVs, we’ll step through the product ranges and what they have to offer.




TCL’s television lineup for this year has some nice technology and features designed to get the best viewing performance from your new TV.


· Mini LED. Experience better contrast, deeper blacks, and an overall more uniform picture with smaller, brighter, and more precise backlight LEDs.

· Quantum Dot. Providing truer whites and a rich, vibrant, and more natural range of colours.

· Full Array. A local dimming technology leading to deeper blacks, and better brightness control and uniformity across different screen areas.

· HDR10 / HDR10+. HDR (or High Dynamic Range) delivers bold, rich contrast and extraordinary colour palette with crystal clarity. HDR10+ further enhances subtle detail and tonal gradients.

· Dolby Vision/Vision IQ. Delivers stunning colour, contrast, and subtlety by dynamically adjusting each pixel in every frame. Dolby Vision IQ adds the ability to monitor ambient room lighting conditions and adjust your screen on-the-fly to match.

· Dolby Atmos. Offering breathtaking audio realism like never before, Dolby Atmos creates an impressive 3D sound stage for a home-theatre-like experience.

· Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). Excellent for gaming, VRR matches your TV refresh rate with the output frame rates of your gaming console. VRR reduces stutter and tearing in gameplay.

· Android TV. An incredibly versatile operating platform for your smart TV.

· Entertainment Hub. Access all your favourite free and subscription channel content through the Entertainment Hub.


Other features include Clear Motion Rate (CMR), Wide Colour Gamut, IMAX Enhanced, Hands-free control, and the powerful AiPQ processor to run it all, and you really have something to look out for.


All TCL televisions come with a 3 year warranty.


X925 and X925 Pro Series


The X925 Series is TCL’s flagship model featuring a Mini LED screen with an astonishing 8K resolution (33 million pixels, or 4 x 4K Resolution) and just about everything you could want in a TV. 


Experience incredible viewing with Quantum Dot, HDR10+, Full Array technology, Dolby Vision IQ, and IMAX Enhanced. Immerse yourself in audio to match with Dolby Atmos and speakers from renowned HiFi company, Onkyo, including a detachable subwoofer. The X925 Pro model adds OD-Zero technology, and an embedded popup camera for connectivity.


C825 Series


As the premium 4K model, the C825 Series includes a full selection of picture and audio boosting features. With a Mini LED screen, Quantum Dot, HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, and Full Array local dimming, you get the best on offer for 4K visual quality. Dolby Atmos and the embedded Onkyo speakers provide outstanding audio to match.


C725 Series


Featuring 4K resolution with Quantum Dot, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision, the C725 Series delivers great overall performance. The embedded speakers by Onkyo Audio matched with Dolby Atmos offer  incredible audio immersion, whatever you watch.


P725 Series


The P725 Series delivers 4K resolution backed by HDR10 and Dolby Vision technology. Match the amazing viewing with Dolby Atmos for an immersive audio-visual experience with all your favourite movies and shows.


Of course, you still get Android TV, the Entertainment Hub, Hands-free voice control, and the powerful AiPQ Engine processor for quick and easy responsiveness with all TCL TV models.




Soundbars are a great upgrade path for an existing TV, delivering top quality audio along with home-theatre style surround sound features.


This year TCL offers four models to the Australian market.




The top-of-the-line TS9030 “Ray Danz” soundbar offers 3.1 channels with an impressive 540W of audio power. Add in a separate wireless subwoofer, a range of Dolby processing technologies including Dolby Atmos, and Wifi, Apple Airplay, and Google Assistant for connectivity, and this soundbar will win the day with incredibly vibrant and immersive 3D audio.




The TS8132 soundbar delivers 3.1 channels of audio, including a separate wireless subwoofer and 350W of power. It features Dolby Atmos along with WiFi, Apple Airplay, and Google Assistant connectivity.




As a single streamlined unit with embedded subwoofer, the TS8111 soundbar features 2.1 channels and 260W power with Dolby Atmos for enjoying immersive 3D sound.




The TS6110 soundbar features 240W power across 2.1 channels, including a separate wireless subwoofer. With Dolby Digital audio processing you’ll enjoy crystal clear and accurate sound with everyday viewing.


All TCL soundbars come with a 1 year warranty.


Fridges & Freezers


The TCL 2021 refrigeration product range includes bar fridges, upright fridges, and chest freezers.


Ease-of-use is a central element to all our products in this range. For the fridges, features such as humidity controlled crisper drawers, easy to clean shelving, and reversible doors for access, help keep food fresh and make life easier.


All our top mount fridges include our special frost-free technology, providing automatic defrosting and preventing the build-up of ice. The stylish interior LED lights deliver bright and more uniform illumination to help you find what you are looking for.


The top P491TMS model includes a super cooling feature, quickly bringing the fridge back to optimum temperature after a large shop. It is also the most energy efficient of the range.


When it comes to chest freezers, TCL delivers what is most important; solid and reliable units for bulk and long-term food storage. The chest freezers also include a handy sliding basket for easy access to smaller items, and are available in two different capacities.


· P491TMS 420L Top Mount Fridge

· P362TMW 362L Top Mount Fridge

· P221TMW 221L Top Mount Fridge

· F95SDW 95L Bar Fridge

· F42SDW 42L Bar Fridge

· F200CFW 200L Chest Freezer

· F145CFW 145L Chest Freezer


Washing Machines


TCL’s P-Series washing machines have been designed with a range of technologies to make your life as easy as possible. Solid, family-friendly, and reliable, these machines will keep washing stress-free for years.


For 2021, our P-Series models are front-loading washing machines featuring the innovative Honeycomb Crystal Drum at their core. The clever diamond shaped ridges deliver highly-effective washing whilst being gentle with your clothes, keeping them cleaner and brighter for longer.


Each machine offers a full choice of wash options across 16 different washing cycles. Your washing gets the best clean every time, from delicate clothing items to heavy-duty work gear. You can even choose the 18-minute Quick Wash (for those with busy lifestyles), or the 95oC high temperature wash to soften stubborn dirt and kill bacteria.


The last few small but handy features include a programmable start time, a child safety lock (to prevent curious hands changing the settings), and the auto drum clean for easy maintenance.


With the quiet, reliable and energy efficient 1400rpm brushless DC electric motor driving the washing drum, large loads are easy to manage. The TCL 2021 range of washing machines offers water and energy efficiency, boasting 4-star energy and 4.5-star water ratings.


The P-Series washing machines are available in two capacities:


· P608FLW 7.5kg load capacity front load washing machine.

· P609FLW 8.5kg load capacity front load washing machine.


Air Conditioning


Keep your home comfortable with the efficient temperature control of TCL’s air conditioning range.


Our split system air conditioning is developed with clever inverter technology at their core. This ensures fast, proactive, and quieter heating and cooling options whilst maintaining energy efficiency.


Smart directed airflow features such as rising-style heating and shower-style cooling extend the reach of your air throughout the room. Gentle Breeze technology disperses air widely and gently, avoiding any harsh, cold drafts. Add to this a rapid action Turbo Mode and 5 fan speeds, plus an “I Feel” mode to easily and accurately achieve your ideal temperature.


With thoughtful modern design, these units are easy to clean and maintain. With the washable filter (including an automatic cleaning reminder), a TCL air conditioner will deliver clean fresh air when you need it.  


The split system air conditioners are available in four models:


· TAC-09CHSD/TPG11IT    2.6kW Cooling / 4.05kW Heating

· TAC-12CHSD/TPG11IT   3.5kW Cooling / 4.5kW Heating

· TAC-18CHSD/TPG11IT   5.2kW Cooling / 5.2kW Heating

· TAC-24CHSD/TPG11IT    7.2kW Cooling / 7.2kW Heating


The portable air conditioning unit offers powerful cooling and fan modes (including Turbo Mode) plus a dehumidifier. No need to suffer through a humid Australian summer again.


Simple to setup and easily portable, you can take your comfort with you from room to room. Add clever and functional features such as Sleep Mode, a 24 Hour Timer, and Self-Diagnosis, and the TCL portable air conditioner is a flexible cooling option for the whole household.


The portable air conditioning unit is available as a single model:


· TAC-12CPB/NZ  3.6kW Cooling


In Australia, you can purchase TCL products through these retailers (and more):


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