Introducing the TCL X10 QLED Mini LED 4K Android TV




Let us introduce the latest innovation from our own development team, the new TCL X10 QLED Mini LED Android TV.


Filled with an abundance of features that cater to all of your different needs, it's the perfect choice when looking to upgrade your home viewing experience. We have worked long and hard to produce the best picture quality for our customers and have developed the new Mini LED technology to further enhance that experience.


The incredible resolution comes down to an increased number of independent pixel-sized LED light sources - each one precisely controlled to deliver a much smoother, uniform and brighter illumination.



Quantum Dot Technology


Have you ever wondered why some screens just appear to be better yet they are not necessarily brighter?


You get to see how vivid the colours are and how beautifully they are represented on screen, you just can't help but be mesmerised.


What if this, and an even better representation was to take place in your home every day?


The TCL X10 Mini LED TV takes full advantage of its Quantum Dot Technology that has a sole purpose to ensure you get the best colour representation possible. It achieves this by enhancing the quality of the colours by increasing their volume to produce a beautiful visual experience.



Dolby Technology for an Improved Experience


If there is one company that has dedicated itself to improving the experience of media consumers, it has to be Dolby. With their extensive research and development, they have come up with a variety of technologies that have been hard-wired into this TCL television.


Dolby Vision works hand in hand with Quantum Dot Technology to provide the viewer with vivid colours and a brightness that hits the sweet spot, every single time. The darker colours are deep and lush and they invite you to sit down and enjoy your favourite series on Netflix, as you binge-watch for hours on end.


This visual party for your eyes is not the only thing that the X10 is capable of.


Thanks to Dolby Atmos, your ears will also be able to join the party and partake in what this TV has to offer. Dolby Atmos brings the latest in surround sound technology, as well as clarity of audio.

Now that's what we call an immersive experience!



4K HDR 10+ - Superb Detail and Clarity!


We know you expect the very best picture available, especially as you're cheering on your favourite sports team or are right at the climax of your favourite action movie!


At that moment, every bit of clarity is important.


4K HDR10+ takes picture quality to a striking new level. The elevated colour, amazing clarity and enhanced contrast pushes the boundaries of brightness and depth, so no matter what you're watching it will be in its breathtaking best.


Android TV


Thankfully for us, the most widespread operating system in the world decided they won't just stick to mobile devices. They wanted to bring the power of mobile devices to your entertainment centre. An Android Operating System should now almost be commonplace when looking to buy a TV, bringing with it all the great features that exist on your other devices.


Feel like engaging in a spot of too many options to choose from?


That's what Android brings to you with hundreds of applications that can be found on the Google Play Store. If anything, you will probably be sticking to the most popular ones but also know, that there are many more options.



AI Integration


The whole purpose of having a television is so you can unwind after a hard day's work. You get to unload a lot that you have been dealing with and not have to stress yourself while you're at it. Having to reach for the remote control every few moments doesn't seem like something ideal.

That's why TCL has made this option a little simpler.


What if you could simply speak up, and your TV will execute the commands you relay to it?


Yes, that's exactly what TCL has done with its built-in compatibility with Google Assistant, which means seamless operation between controlling the television while also controlling the behaviour of the applications that you use.


If you aren't a fan of Google Assistant, know full well that they have Amazon Alexa covered as well.


Beauty comes in many different forms.


In this case, it has come in the form of an AI-integrated Mini LED 4K television that is simply a joy to look at, and a joy to experience.




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