TCL announced as the Official TV and Soundbar of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III





The partnership coincides with the launch of our first 50” and 98” C845 Mini LED TVs for the Australia market.

Melbourne, Australia – Consumer electronics giant TCL and the Global Top 2 TV brand is proud to announce its partnership with the latest instalment of one of the world’s most popular video game franchises, Call of Duty®, further strengthening its commitment to global gaming and esports. 

As the Official TV and Soundbar of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III, which launches worldwide on November 10, 2023, TCL will be working with gaming influencers and social streamers Aliythia, Develique, Mau, and Modest Pelican to promote both the game and brand. 

The collaboration will include a national competition commencing on November 1, 2023, where winners get the chance to win the following: 

TCL will also be drawing a handful of people to win a copy of the coveted game so there’s more chances for people to win prizes. To go into the draw, participants need to follow the prompts from the TCL website, register, and follow TCL on social media. 

“TCL is thrilled to partner with a critically acclaimed franchise that has such massive pop culture resonance globally,” says National Marketing Manager at TCL Electronics Australia, Rafael Mayen. “Partnering with Call of Duty gives us another opportunity to put customers closer to their entertainment with a unique gaming experience that only TCL can deliver.”

Activision Senior Director of Global Partnerships and Integrated Marketing, Will Gahagan, says the long-standing commitment perfectly showcases how TCL offers the ultimate home theatre solution for gamers, with new TVs and sound bars that elevate the big-screen TV gaming experience. 

“The Call of Duty franchise has grown exponentially since we started working with TCL five years ago and we’re thrilled to keep the relationship going as we launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III,” he explains. “Call of Duty immerses gamers in a life-like world, and TCL understands how to deliver the responsiveness, picture fidelity, and sound quality that players demand.”

Play like a pro on the big — and small — screen

This exciting announcement coincides with the launch of TCL’s new 50” and 98” C845 Mini LED TVs — hailed as the “Holy Grail for gamers and sport lovers” — the smallest and biggest Mini LED TVs TCL has manufactured and retailed in Australia.

“These are not only completely new to TCL but also a direct result of listening to the gaming community,” says Mayen. “For example, we created the 50-inch model based on the growing demand for smaller, more compact gaming TVs. We expect this model will be a massive hit as it’s the perfect size for gamers who don't have the space for a big TV yet still demand all the features that give them an incredible gaming experience.”

Whether for competitive or casual players, TCL’s C845 Series offers next-level technology with high-quality screens and endless playing options. Gamers can start by unlocking advanced display settings and modes with TCL’s new GameBar, which lets gamers keep an eye on critical information while they play, including Frame Rate, HDR status, VRR status, Target Assist, and more.

With TCL’s Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), gamers can enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience with minimised input lag, giving them the edge in Call of Duty’s fast-paced action. They can also experience smooth and uninterrupted gaming with TCL’s powerful 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate at 4K resolution, which eliminates screen tearing and stutter, leaving gamers to stay focused on the action with crystal-clear visuals.

Supported by Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, incredible picture quality is matched by superior surround-sound with IMAX Enhanced certification serving high-speed motion scenes in games, so you never miss a moment.

“As the leading creator of high-performance and cutting-edge technology, TCL recognises that its TV’s have the unique ability to connect and inspire people around the world by immersing them in the action that unfolds on the screen,” Mayen explains.

Add TCL to your arsenal and see why we are the Official TV of Call of Duty


TCL 50” C845 Mini LED TV

RRP: $1,499

TCL 98” C845 Mini LED TV

RRP $9,999


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