What is Quantam dot technology for Tv's




What is Quantum Dot Technology for TVs?

Perhaps you’ve already heard about Quantum Dot technology in televisions but want to learn more. Alternatively, you may just be discovering it now during your search for a new smart TV. Either way, we’ll take a deeper dive into this amazing television technology and explore its benefits.

Why Buy a TV With Quantum Dot (QD) Technology?

If you are looking to purchase a new TV there are a number of elements that you’ll want to consider;

  • Brightness. The peak brightness that your new television is capable of will impact its overall viewability. The brighter the screen output the better.
  • Colour. The variety of colours (known as the “colour gamut”) that the TV can produce, especially for bold, vibrant colours. A larger colour gamut is best.
  • Contrast. The total range of light to dark that the TV can display. This is affected by the peak brightness as well as how well the screen can separate colours. Better contrast adds impact to your viewing.

The good news is; quantum dot technology helps boost all of the above!

There is very little wasted light in QD technology television sets.

How Do They Work?

Effectively, televisions with Quantum Dots are upgraded LCD screens. A layer of diffuser material in the standard LCD TV is removed and replaced with the quantum dot layer. Unlike OLED (Organic LED) televisions which require an entirely new manufacturing process, quantum dot TVs utilise the standard LCD production process. The end result of this is a powerful enhancement of the visual characteristics of the TV screens whilst maintaining affordability.

The quantum dots are nano-particles that are able to glow either red or green (depending upon the particle size) when hit by blue light. Unlike traditional LCD televisions that are lit by white light that needs to be filtered in order to create colour, these TV sets start with a blue backlight. Light filtration always reduces the light intensity. Because quantum dots reduce the amount of filtration required, quantum dot TVs have greater relative brightness than traditional backlight TVs.

The red and green QD nano-particles also glow with particularly intense colours when they light up. Because the particles are excellent at creating colours in the more vibrant and saturated parts of the colour spectrum, the colour gamut is considerably increased. Currently, there is no other commercial technology that can match the colour output of QD technology.

The combination of the wider range of colours and increased brightness delivers better overall contrast. Pictures appear bolder and punchier, and offer a better viewing experience. Importantly, the quantum dots can be fine-tuned. This allows them to produce cleaner whites and offers better colour precision. Pictures will be displayed more accurately and true-to-life (where that is preferred).

More Benefits for QD Televisions

Whilst the primary benefits of the technology are boosted colour, contrast, and brightness, there are a couple of additional benefits.

Firstly, because the diffusion layer is removed in order to add the nano-particle layer, TV screens can be made thinner and lighter. This allows TVs to be more easily moved and set up, and more easily match the aesthetics of your home.

Secondly, when QD screens are compared against OLED, quantum dot has better longevity. The effect of this is that your QD television will typically outlast an OLED screen. This makes for a much better investment when purchasing a new TV.

TCL Quantum Dot TVs

TCL features Quantum Dot technology in all the current C645, C745, and C845 Series TCL televisions. All these TVs are bright, bold, and vivid and offer exceptional entertainment viewing experiences.

To see how good a TCL quantum dot TV looks, visit one of our in-store retailers. Alternatively, look at the current deals offered through our online retailers.



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