Boxing Day Sales in Australia




Although Boxing Day is a holiday to recover from, after a huge Christmas day full of eating, drinking and catching up with family, it is also commonly known for two things in Australia - Boxing Day Cricket and Boxing Day Sales!


After Black Friday Sales, Boxing Day is the next big opportunity for retailers to boost their sales for the year. Traditionally, Boxing Day was the biggest sale period of the year up until last year when the cyber week events, including Click Frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday became more synonymous in Australia and grew in popularity like it has overseas in the US.


We may all be aware of the chaos of the Christmas shopping season, but who doesn't love a great deal? Retailers large and small lower their prices to attract customers new and old back into their stores to help clear their old stock in readiness for the new year.


Back in the day, you'd be lined up as retailers would typically keep the doors shut and wait for crowds to build up for the big rush in. Due to the enormity of revenue for some retailers, it now spans over the course of a week with customers grabbing bargains every day.



The Boxing Day Test


Boxing Day, 26th December, will present Australians with 2 big options on the day.


Option #1 - Transform into primal bargain hunters, streaming into their local shopping precinct looking to grab a piece of the amazing deals on offer; or


Option #2 - Settling into the lounge, with their big screen TV, readying themselves for one of the biggest days on the sporting calendar...the first day of the Boxing Day test at the mighty MCG.


The first MCG Boxing Day Test was played during the 1950-51 Ashes series in front of over 60,000 fans between Australia and their most famous cricketing enement, England. Over the years, strong numbers of cricket loving fans have attended, with a record Test cricket attendance of 91,112 in 2013.


This year will be a little different with everything that has been going on. Usually, there would be an expectation of 90,000+ fans packed into the 'G waiting for their team to go to battle on the cricket pitch, cheering on their country to victory. This year, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we may only see around 25,000 - a little under a quarter capacity filling the seats.


With the success of the AFL Grand Final being held at the Gabba this year, we can only imagine that the upcoming Boxing Day test between Australia and India will be a cracker at the G.


For those that are lucky enough to attend, it will have a sombre feel about it.


That will all change as the first bowler of the test moves to the top of his mark, turns, and starts to accelerate to the crease, looking to land the first blow of this historic battle. Whether it is a crowd of 90,000 or 25,000, it will be one of the biggest events of the year for some.


This year's Test will be different for some, but for others, it will still be the same.



Online Boxing Day Sales

With many people now connected to personal devices, it is much easier to sneak in to online shopping by phone or tablet and avoid the big crowds in shopping centres. It is thought that more and more people log on to their smartphone on Boxing Day, to help them avoid anxiety and fear of missing out on a bargain.


Billions of dollars are spent online with major retailers, and there are plenty of bargains savvy shoppers can take advantage of. With retailers starting their sales early, shoppers can also search a number of online stores for bargains, including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Betta Electrical to name a few.


Even with the interruptions of COVID-19 this year, retailers across Australia remain positive regarding online sales in the lead up to one of the biggest shopping events of the year. It has become so much easier for people in Australia to shop on Boxing Day and if you haven't noticed, it's still one of Australia's biggest shopping days. There are expectations that overall sales will exceed $2 billion with a good portion of that through online channels.

This is the most important shopping period in Australia and you can find incredible deals on almost anything you want. Australia's Christmas sales are the place to do a spot of shopping, and the shoppers are ready to go.


Even if you don't get what you want on the day, there's still plenty of time to grab a bargain. While some of you tune in to the cricket, others will turn into astute shoppers and look to grab a few things that have become a little cheaper during the sale.


Christmas time is a big deal and many people spend their days off to relax, but Christmas sales are one of the biggest sales days in Australia, especially during the Boxing Day sale period. Retailers, online and offline, have welcomed the year - the final sale - launching it as Australia's next big shopping date after Black Friday and kicking off the end of the year in full swing.



There is no doubt that December 26 will be a mega-sale day, but it is not all over, as the sale will generally continue through to the end of the year. Shoppers will celebrate one of the busiest shopping days of the year during the Boxing Day week and with the year we've all had, we're looking forward to it.



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