Top Entertainment Picks to Make the Most From Your Smart TV




Modern technology is evolving for the better each day. Benefitting from these improvements, the new TCL TV models utilise new technology aimed at providing customers with the latest and greatest features. These new features work in tandem with the film and TV production to deliver incredible boosts in visual and audio quality.


Adding to the equation, the proliferation of streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and Stan to name a few, aim to deliver the best cinematic experience right at home. The trick is to have the right TV features to support all the advanced movie effects.


If you’re in the market looking for the best smart TV for Netflix, Amazon, or any other streaming platform (also known as "Over-The-Top (OTT), or Video-On-Demand (VOD) services), here are a few aspects to consider;



Sound Performance - Dolby Atmos


Movies and shows can really be enjoyed to their full potential when you have a system that can support high quality audio. After all, half of the cinematic adventure is created by sound effects, clear dialogue, and emotionally stirring music. For example; you would not want to watch the Avengers: Endgame with sub-par speakers.


Dolby Atmos is a popular sound technology and is widely supported by various OTT services like Netflix, Disney, Stan, and Amazon Prime Video. Dolby Atmos also does not require an external system, unlike DTS:X. This makes it ideal for providing immersive surround sound with only the TV speakers or a soundbar.


Dolby Atmos has been developed to consider all three-dimensions, including the room height; a factor which is often neglected. This new audio format has redefined what an ‘immersive cinematic and sonic experience' means. Dolby Atmos works on a distance-orientated strategy, making the viewer feel like they are inside the world of the movie rather than just the audience.



High Dynamic Range


High-dynamic range or HDR is a current trend in the ‘must-have’ TV features. This technology allows TVs to produce brighter highlights and an expansive range of colour detail. The goal is to produce close-to-life images, or the specific style that the movie-makers intended to present. The latest version, HDR 10+ pushes the colour accuracy, contrast and detail even further.


With the rise of HDR and high resolution, more and more TVs are emerging that support both of these modern features. With the more frequent addition of these features in TVs, HDR content (movies, shows, series, OTT services, etc) is becoming common. Let’s take Game of Thrones, for example. Try watching this hit show with and without a TV that supports HDR. You’ll instantly notice the difference.



Mini-LED Backlight Display Technology


LED LCDs account for 97% of the total global TV sales. Naturally, LED LCD televisions have undergone a huge range of developments throughout the years to deliver better and better TVs to consumers. Now, the latest generation of LED LCD displays are brighter, sharper, bigger than ever before.

The freshest updates include sophistication like Contrast Control Zone or local dimming technology, wide colour with quantum dot technology, and the most recent being mini-LED backlight technology. The mini-LED technology is responsible for enhancing light, smooth luminance, precision contrast, and vivid colour.


The use of thousands of specifically controlled min-LEDs in an active matrix backlight allows the display screen to generate strong luminance that is smoothly distributed uniformly across the screen. This creates more precision, control for a sharp contrast, and vividly saturated colours that attract the eyes. Mini-LED displays dramatically improve the picture performance and make for the best TVs and viewer’s experience.



Movies and Shows to Watch on Smart TVs


With the addition of these amazing and sophisticated visual and audial features, content has kept pace. Shows and movies utilise these technologies in production to deliver incredible viewing experiences on televisions that can make use of them.


Here are our top 4 picks for getting the most out of the features in a new TCL television.



1. The Avengers: Movie Series


If you haven’t heard of The Avengers you are missing out on some of the best that filmmaking is capable of. Marvel Cinematic Universe has successfully created a universe full of amazing superheroes, aliens and other worlds, futuristic technology, and movies jam-packed with adventure and thrill.

The best way to truly enjoy this expert moviemaking is on a TV that is capable of supporting the intricate detailing in audio and visuals that went into creating The Avengers movie series.


With multiple battle scenes dragging you to the edge of your seats, flying ships, and superheroes zooming around with the epic dialogues blasting through the Dolby Atmos sound system on a brand new TCL TV- the bingeing is going to be epic.


Dive into an immersive cinematic experience by streaming these Hollywood bests. The Marvel Universe movies can be viewed on Disney+ and is best on a TV that can support Dolby Atmos as a minimum.



2. The Hunger Games


If you haven’t watched The Hunger Games on an 8k or at least a 4k resolution display screen with mini-LED backlight display technology, you are missing out on a real treat. Stop everything you’re doing and watch it on a TCL TV!


The fictional dystopian world imagined by author, Suzanne Collins, comes to life by the efforts of the actors and production company. Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawerence) transforms into a vision of freedom, the Mockingjay, in a survivor’s reality game of life and death.


The Hungers Games is a visual treat. The details, components, colours, and scene settings equally contribute to give birth to a fictional world inside the movie. How can you step into the world of Katniss and truly understand her story without experiencing it on a display that does justice to the visuals? Grab your popcorn, pull up a chair, log into Netflix on your smart TV, and dive into the world of Hunger Games.



3. Stranger Things


Stranger Things premiered back in 2016 on Netflix and instantly became a fan-favorite across the globe. With an incredible cast featuring Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Joe Keery, and many more we were hooked on this sci-fi horror/thriller.


Besides the plot that keeps us on our toes, the adrenaline-rush we all live through, and the amazing storytelling; Stranger Things also has a surreal depth in its visuals and audio.


The first season does not slack in its filmography by any means, but seasons 2 and 3 were shot in HDR which turns the already convincing performance even better. Why not watch the thrilling paranormal series on a display screen that supports HDR and in 4k resolution? It will bring to life the patrols in the dark fields, the interdimensional portals, and the flashy Starcourt Mall right in your TV rooms.



4. Jojo Rabbit


You would think that a film on a young Nazi boy whose best friend is Adolf Hitler wouldn’t ideally be classified as a ‘charming’ movie. But, Jojo Rabbit, breaking all stereotypes, is exactly that. The genius perspective of Taika Waititi showcases not only charm but a rollercoaster of emotions in the heartbreaking World War 2 based narrative.


The creators’ capabilities don’t just end there. It extends to the filmography and videography where Jojo Rabbit is shot in 4k and is supported by Dolby Digital and Dolby Vision.


To watch the film in all its charm, stream it on Disney+ on your new smart-feature television set and drop into the world of Jojo.


The latest discoveries in technology like mini-LED displays, HDR, 4k and 8k resolution, and three-dimensional distance-based sound systems are a leap further in modernisation. These advanced features come together in the top smart TCL TVs for streaming and provide the best immersive viewing experience.


Watch these movies and shows to experience the best of what a TCL television has to offer!




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