Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Better on a TCL TV?




Gamers who are fans of Call of Duty have been waiting for the release of the highly anticipated 2019 version “Modern Warfare”. The wait is over and the game is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. With reviewers already raving about the game’s exceptional lighting and detail, you will want to purchase a new TCL TV to fully appreciate this technical powerhouse.


Developed by Infinity Ward, and hailed as “exciting and brilliantly paced”, Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter game where American CIA officers and British SAS forces team up with rebels from the fictional country of Urzikstan, which borders Russia and is fighting for its independence.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare has 3 different gameplay options:


● Campaign

● Multiplayer

● Spec Ops





The COD storyline follows Tier One operators as they complete a variety of covert missions to locate a stash of chemical weapons and quell an extremist Russian military faction. Skipping from London, to Urzikstan, to iconic European cities, you’ll gain insight into the characters and be completely immersed in the battle at hand.


There is a focus on realism and tactically-based moral choices where gamers have to make a call on whether non-player characters are a threat. How well you do is evaluated at the end of each level.





The multiplayer section of the game allows for more tactical gameplay where players can fight one another in team-based pursuits. Whether your play style is more ‘run and gun’ or the most hated in the COD community ‘camping’ (set up shop and wait for kills). Custom class set ups allow every player to build their very own play style and have multiple others for different situations.


The choice of perks is also vital in all class creation, an example is Dead Silence. This perk lets you temporarily quiet your footsteps and move faster so you can outmanoeuvre and sneak up on opponents, perfect for the ‘run and gun’ play style mentioned above.



Spec Ops


COD’s Special Ops can have up to four players who engage in multi-objective missions that take place in large, open maps. You can also complete missions by yourself. Designed to test your broad abilities and strategies, the main objective is to take down a new leader who is a dangerous threat to Russian forces in Verdansk. The joint operation enlists many of the world’s best operators, making each players role vital to the team.


Upon completing a mission you’ll be awarded with a star rating based on your overall performance.


Why play on a TCL TV?


A TCL TV for gaming can enhance your experience of playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With 4K HDR capability you’ll experience superior picture sharpness, dynamic contrast and greater depth and detail of colour.


Industry leading Clear Motion Rates reduce motion blur which is important in a fast-action game like COD because that split moment before you’re about to enter a gun fight every millisecond counts in a game which the ‘time to kill’ is so quick.


To be the best, you have to own the best. Upgrade your gaming experience and be one up on the competition right from the get go.


Grab yourself the perfect gaming TV by heading on over to our product page and checking out the huge range of TCL QLED TVs on offer.


For a deeper look into the benefits of gaming on a TCL TV check out our buying guide.




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