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4K vs 8K | What Difference Does an 8K TV Make?
十二月 18, 2020

If you were born in the 80s, it's almost unbelievable that you're almost or have already hit your 40s. It seems like just yesterday, you were a teenager, enjoying what life has to offer and oblivious of the future struggles and freedoms of adulthood. Everything changed so fast, and now, you are a full-fledged adult who enjoys their privileges and shoulders many responsibilities.

You may be wondering how this comparison fits into the context of the topic, but that is just how panel technology is. Just like other facets of technology, panel technology is quickly evolving and what may be cutting edge today may be a cold cup of coffee in a few years.

First came plasma, LED, then the 4K TV in 2012 and we all know what the next big thing in television resolution is - 8K TVs. Today, technologies such as HDR are central to panel technology, and 8K makes it even better. Below, we explore modern 8K TV and everything you need to know about this technology.

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What can you do with 8K TV?

Resolution Comparison

Nothing beats the feeling of being the first to invest in the innovative premium TV tier, 8K. If you are all about sustainability, then this can be a good option for you because it is a way of future-proofing the home. This does not mean that 8K technology is not useful today.

Watching content on 8K is like having clarity of mind for the first time in a long time. Since 8K televisions have more powerful processors than its predecessors (4K and 1080p televisions), you can see better images with the 8K technology.

An 8K TV can scale both 4K and 1080p images, making them look better whichever way you look at it. An 8K television uses artificial intelligence to analyse the content, which gives you the chance to view better quality pictures on your television in real-time. If the image is dark, it will appear even darker, and the same applies to brighter colours. Therefore, your 8K television will also offer you better contrast compared to the regular LED.

But the biggest pro of using this TV is the size advantage. After all, what could beat the feeling of sitting in front of a screen that you feel engulfs you quite literally? With more detail to the images on the television, you will feel as if you are part of whatever movie you are watching on your screen.

Since the screen is large, it increases the angles through which light hits the eyes, giving you visual clarity that you would not ordinarily experience with the regular 1080p and 4K televisions. Such an immersive viewing experience is worth every cent.

It may not be easy to find 8K Ultra HD content yet because the technology is still being developed. However, with the right equipment, you can capture your 8K content. Some phones are already embracing the 8K technology that you can use to capture content. You can also use smaller cameras from manufacturers that have already embraced the technology.

YouTube is unarguably the world's largest database of online media. Whether you are searching for videos of the cutest kittens or serial-killer documentaries, you will find it on the almighty YouTube. However, this is not all YouTube is suitable for. This site can handle 8K with AV1, thanks to its video codec.

Therefore, you can play 8K media that is already online with your 8K TV. You must search for this content on the YouTube app on your TV.


Features of the TCL 8K TV

While a few other brands have started immersing their feet to test the waters of 8K TV, the TCL X915 8K QLED android TV is among the best in the market. Below, we discuss some of the features of the TCL 8K TV to give you a sneak peek into why this TV is all the rage.

The TV boasts an excellent 8K resolution with Quantum Technology. While these terms may seem like mere tech jargon to an inexperienced mind, it translates to much more in real life. With these resolution pictures, your TCL 8K TV lets you enjoy high picture quality and images that almost seem to come to life. The 8K QLED technology allows a better sense of depth and shading to the image, working to improve aspects such as luminance and contrast.

The TCL 8K series also features a theatre-level soundbar (Onkyo Audio) that does the job as you would expect. This eliminates any need for a separate soundbar. It also features a Roku TV interface. If you know anything about Roku is that it is user friendly and supports apps ranging from Android TV/Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Since the 8K feature is best expressed on larger screens, the TCL 8K TV is available in both 65 & 75-inch variations and maintains a simplistic and thin design. In every way, this 8K TV is a showstopper.


Playing PS5 & XBOX series X on 8K TV

8K Gaming

For gamers, this TV is a dream come true because both XBOX series X and PS5 can output 8K resolution.

Suppose you are looking for a great way to start if you want more precise graphics in your games. Further, you will be a step ahead when industry experts begin to write games that are specifically meant for an 8K screen. However, it will take some time for the 8K TV lover to fully enjoy playing PS5 and XBOX series X on the 8K TV as there are still significant developments to expect.

Just like a baby, the 8K TV resolution will eventually build up into something that every household can adapt to. You can buy the 8K television and enjoy the benefits that come with it as the world catches up.


Where can I find an 8k or 4k TCL TV?

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