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What is Chromecast & Why do I Need it?
八月 20, 2018

What is Chromecast & Why do I Need it?

What do I need Chromecast for?

Chromecast has been an amazing addition to entertainment technology. It will help streamline your online interaction. If you belong to a streaming App, you may only have access via your phone, tablet or laptop. If you choose to listen to or watch anything provided by these Apps, Chromecast will allow you to view it on a large screen or through more powerful speakers. It allows you to supervise content people are watching/listening to in your home as it allows you to interact with other devices in the house.

What is Chromecast & Why do I Need it?

So How Does It Work?

Chromecast uses transmitting capabilities that link your TV to video streaming Apps. It is a platform that allows you to stream/cast from your mobile device directly to your tv. Basically, if you were a subscriber to Netflix, you would go to that App on your portable device, choose a movie, click the “cast” button and it would then appear on your TV. You can also use it to transmit music from your mobile device to speakers. It is a wireless application and you can use your mobile device as the remote control. As soon as your mobile device and Chromecast hook into the same Wi-Fi they will recognise each other. They will then give you further instructions for set up.

10 Things That Chromecast Can Do

  1. Your remote control (e.g. – phone) can be voice activated
  2. You can access all video streaming Apps you are subscribed to on the big screen
  3. You can use the remote control from anywhere in the house
  4. You can watch Facebook live on a TV screen
  5. If you have Spotify, Pandora, Google Home you can cast your music through your TV and/or speakers.
  6. Chromecast can mirror your Chrome browser from any computer
  7. Chromecast doesn’t stream the content from your mobile device, it takes it from the internet which means no battery depletion
  8. Chromecast will not use any data usage from your device because it only starts the casting process, it doesn’t stream directly from your device
  9. You can access thousands of different mobile Apps and cast them from your device onto your TV
  10. When you buy a TCL TV with Chromecast compatibility there are no further aftermarket products you need to purchase. It is already included in your Chromecast ready TV

TCL TVs with Chromecast

  • X2 65 inch 4K QLED Android
  • X2 55 inch 4K QLED Android
  • C2 75 inch 4K UHD Android
  • C2 70 inch 4K UHD Android
  • C2 65 inch 4K UHD Android
  • C2 55 inch 4K UHD Android
  • C2 49 inch 4K UHD Android
  • P20 65 inch 4K UHD Android
  • P20 60 inch 4K UHD Android
  • P20 55 inch 4K UHD Android

TCL TV and Chromecast

TCL is one of the world biggest and fastest growing technology companies. They pride themselves on their proactive approach to making the most progressive and up to date TVs as possible. They also understand that we approach our viewing differently. We can watch any past events or alternatively, last release movie in the comfort our own home, at our own leisure. TCL also recognise that people also watch a lot of content from portable devices, including phone and tablets. To complement the customers viewing preferences TCL thought it would be a great advantage to the customer to be able to mirror their portable device onto the big screen. TCL is proud to incorporate world-leading technology by equipping their latest television range with inbuilt Chromecast for their customers viewing and listening pleasure.