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Google TV vs Android TV
六月 06, 2022

Google TV VS Andriod TV

What's the Difference?

Android TV has been around since 2014 and is a well-known name when it comes to TVs. With the recent addition of Google TV to the majority of TCL's range of TVs, people are asking, what's the difference?

As it turns out, it's not so confusing. Google TV brings a new set of useability features to the TVs on which it installed. We'll help outline the difference between Android TV and Google TV below.

Google TV

In reality, Google TV is simply a new and upgraded interface that still sits on top of the mature Android TV platform. Development of the Google TV interface has occurred over the last couple of years and its goal is not to replace Android TV, but to enhance it.

The Google TV interface brings content accessibility to the front-and-centre of the platform. All you subscription services such as Netflx, Stan, Amazon Prime, Disney, and more are now searchable and accessible in one location. You no longer need to log into each one individually to search for your evening's viewing choices.

In addition to this core function, Google TV brings a number of other features to the platform. It is able to make suggestions for new content to watch based upon previous viewing history. It accesses history across all your subscription services and viewed channels to provide a much more comprehensive set of recommendations.

Google TV also integrates with other smart devices such as video doorbells, smart speakers, or lighting controls. Combine this with the embedded Google Assistant voice control and you have a way to manage not only your viewing preference, but your smart home devices through verbal commands.

Furthermore, your Google TV is available across multiple devices. Your viewing preferences and history are shared across additional TV screens, as well as smartphones and tablets. For example, plan your evening's viewing preferences on your smartphone whilst on the bus home from work, and the choices will be ready on your TV when you turn it on.

Of course, all of this happens in a cleaner, smoother interface than the original Android TV layout.

Android TV

The Android TV operating system that the new Google TV interface overlays has been in ongoing development since 2014. The platform has grown and matured over the years, and still manages all the core functionality required by smart TVs.

The focus of Android TV is on the management of apps. Oftentimes a selection of these come already installed when you purchase a new TCL television, however, other apps are also downloadable through the Google Play Store.

Via apps, the Android TV platform provides access to free-to-air channels and their associated streaming services, as well as available paid subscription services. You can also play games, view your own images, watch videos and YouTube, or listen to music, amongst others. The Google Play Store automatically displays only those apps that will work with your device. Keep in mind also; although the apps and options are managed by the Android TV operating system, if you have the Google TV upgrade you will be viewing them all through the new interface.

Google TV and Android TV

Moving forward, Google TV will be the new face of Android TV. You'll get all the benefits of a new clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface with the tried-and-true underlying Android TV operating system taking care of all the important processing and functionality. When "Google TV" is highlighted in any television specifications, you know you are getting both. The perfect 2-in-1 bundle deal.

Older models of Android TV may have an upgrade path to Google TV. Importantly though, with regard to TCL's new 2022 range, all 4K and 8K televisions are now automatically supplied with the Google TV interface pre-installed. Turn on your new TV and enjoy from the first moment.