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Great TV Reviews for TCL's Flagship X925 and X925 Pro Series
四月 25, 2022

X925 series reviews feedback

The X925 and X925 Pro Series TVs are a showcase for a host of incredible technologies and features. Everything packed into the X925 Series is focused on providing you with a superior entertainment experience across the board. What's more, the X925 Pro television includes everything from the X925 Series, with a few notable upgrades.

The X925 and X925 Pro TVs have been getting some great reviews and press since their launch. We'd like to take a look at some of these in this article.

Highlight Remarks

We'll start off with a few of the highlight remarks that have been made about these TVs.

"The X925 is a magnificent TV." - What HiFi

"The TCL X925 mini-LED 8K Google TV is an absolute dream." - Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo

"… now considered a market leader in both Mini LED and OD Zero" - Adrian Gunning, Impulse Gamer

"this is an awesome TV…" - Chris Inglis, GameOnAus.com

Read on to learn why.

Picture quality

First of all, the X925 televisions come with an impressive list of cutting-edge features aimed at visual quality. These include;

  • Mini LED
  • 8K resolution
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • HDR and HDR10+
  • Quantum Dot
  • IMAX Enhanced
  • Dolby Vision IQ
  • Clear Motion Rate

The X925 Pro televisions also come with OD Zero Mini LEDs to substantially reduce panel thickness.

Overall, reviewers have been quite impressed:

"The panel features Mini LED backlights …. Couple this with HDR10+ (High Dynamic Range) and the colour quality is unreal." And talking about Dolby vision IQ, "No more straining to see from the glare and different light levels." - Chris Inglis, GameOnAus.com

"I wish I could take a photo that would do this justice, but I simply cannot. The colour quality is exceptional." "the picture quality is truly exceptional" - Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo

"With the ability to locally control the backlight intensity, this QLED panel is close to OLED in black depth" - Jason Cartwright, TechAU

"Mini LED LCDs now go just as dark (as OLEDs), with wider colour gamut, brighter panels, and higher dynamic range"

"the X925 delivered consistently impressive images, and sometimes that eye-boggling hyper-realism that makes you almost gasp." - What HiFi

The reviewer at TechRadar had a lot to say on the picture quality of these TVs:

"amply demonstrates how far Mini LED backlighting can take LCD panel technology, now able to challenge OLED on black levels, and even to outshine OLED on High Dynamic Range and colour gamut."

"…impressive results when upscaling even from DVD resolution to its full 8K display"

With regard to HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision – "The results were often magnificent, with simply astounding detail available from video-sourced shows in particular" - Jez Ford, TechRadar

Audio quality

Audio quality through the full range of TCL TVs has long been praised. These series include embedded speakers driven by technology from the renowned, Onkyo Audio.

Add to that audio signal enhancement with Dolby and DTS and you will enjoy clarity and precision with all your audio from softly-spoken dialogue through to room-shaking explosions.

"I was amazed at how good the sound quality was. It is the best quality sound I’ve heard out of a TV unit by far."

"…with incredible built-in Onkyo surround sound and subwoofer that has blown me away in more ways than one" - Chris Inglis, GameOnAus.com

"including a mouthwatering eight upward-firers for those Atmos effects and a subwoofer built-in" - Dan Sung from What HiFi

"The integral Onkyo-branded bar performs well, far beyond standard TV-based audio" - Jez Ford, TechRadar

"Yeah, it’s mint." "Before I sat down to review this TV, TCL told me Onkyo Audio “brings a new level of dynamic energy to your TV sound”. And while I hate to use marketing material in a review, there’s no other way to describe it. It actually is the perfect match for the TCL X925 TV’s picture quality." - Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo

TV installation, setup, and initial experience

The X925 Series TVs are quite easy to install, for both hardware and the software interface.

"If you are bench-mounting the X925, it’s pleasingly simple to attach the supplied base stand" - Jez Ford, TechRadar

Aside from the physical setup, the software setup and optimisation is also pleasingly simple.

"…it was all very easy to do, and a lot of the work was done on my phone logging into Google and following the prompts." - Chris Inglis, GameOnAus.com

Other TV features

The X925 and X925 Pro Series TVs now come with Google TV, as well as a number of features aimed at gamers.

"From a gamer’s perspective, the TCL X925 is fantastic to use … the visual quality of fast-moving games was crystal clear with vivid colours, no screen tearing and no input lag whatsoever"

"This was my first experience with Google TV, and I am extremely impressed." – "It’s insanely convenient." - Chris Inglis, GameOnAus.com

"Due to the inclusion of Google TV, it actually understands me" - Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo

"There is no more comprehensive smart platform on the market than Android TV, and the Google TV enhancements make it still easier to use." - Jez Ford, TechRadar

"The TCL X92 Mini LED 8K TV is positioned as the new darling of gaming world" - Dan Sung from What HiFi

A couple of features, which doesn't even typically make a mention in the marketing materials, was highlighted for inclusion in one review. The Audio Delay Settings allow precise control over the synchronisation of audio and visual elements, and Screen Blanking allows visuals to be turned off whilst playing pure audio.

Audio Delay Settings - "We can’t praise TCL enough for this inclusion." "music lovers everywhere should join us in saluting the joys of screen blanking…enjoy uninterrupted and undistracted sublime music all around us" - What HiFi

Closing remarks

Overall, the TCL X925 Series and X926 Pro Series have been extremely well received by reviewers and consumers alike.v

"proves the success of Mini LED backlighting in allowing LCD screens to face off against their decade-long OLED rivals" - What HiFi

"with products announced in Mini-LED in 2020 …a TCL Mini-LED TV is (now) more likely to be a second-gen product rather than a first" - Leigh Stark from pickr.com.au

"The TCL X925 65” Mini LED 8K Google TV features technology to produce such clear and rich video and gaming experiences" – "I highly recommend this TV for next-gen console gaming if it fits into your budget." - Chris Inglis, GameOnAus.com

"…continues to showcase its technological pedigree with the release of the company’s flagship 85-inch X925 Pro 8K Mini LED Google television" - Adrian Gunning, Impulse Gamer

"a "belter of a TV" that excels "in both technology and performance terms"" - Jez Ford, TechRadar

"…when you’re using it, nothing is disparate, it all just brings you a great TV experience." "This TV is it" - Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo

If you are in the market for a new TV, the X925 and X925 Pro Series should definitely be on your list.

These TVs can be purchased both online and instore through numerous Australian retailers such as…