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Feng Shui Your Living Room: The Must-Follow Principles to Do It Right
一月 15, 2021

Feng Shui

The living room is an important part of any home used for socialising, watching tv or just relaxing in a comfortable environment. However, you are probably here because you feel the need to make a change in your living room. Perhaps the energy in the space is too chaotic or even stagnant and you are looking for new ways to generate good vibes and positivity to your home.

Feng Shui is a Chinese principle about emphasising the flow of energy (qi), harmony and balance in a space. This article explains how concepts from Feng Shui can be adopted to create a steady, calm energy flow and ultimately improve your viewing and relaxing experience in your living room.


STEP 1: Declutter Your Living Room Space

A crowded, disorganised living room creates an environment of chaos and disruption whereas a living room space that has been carefully curated with thoughtful items encourages a harmonious and peaceful living area.

A primary principle of Feng Shui is the purposeful and comfortable existence of items in home spaces. Televisions are high energy items so a clutter free room greatly enhances your TV watching experience by assisting the flow of Chi energy. Tangles of wires are terrible Feng Shui for any space and should be avoided whenever possible.



STEP 2: Examine the Flow in Your Living Room

The placement of high energy objects such as televisions can significantly impact the type of energy the living space generates. For example, a television place in the south of a room is said to attract fame and recognition whilst a television on the north side is auspicious and may help attract career success. Clear surfaces and soft edges can help generate a comfortable room energy whilst dark and lifeless corners are considered unlucky in Feng Shui. To help mitigate the impact of corners in your living room try adding indoor plants or choosing rounded objects like circular coffee tables.


STEP 3: Play with colours

Colour makes everything come alive. Humans are naturally drawn to vibrant and clear colours. TCL televisions utilise top of the range technologies including QLED and 8K to bring the best viewing experience to your living room. According to Feng Shui principles, having a quality television viewing experience greatly increases the positive chi energy of a living room because of the active joy they create. Increasing the flow of positive energy in your living room can bring the same energy into your home and life.


STEP 4: Accessorise Carefully

Avoid cluttering your space with meaningless objects and instead aim to bring objects into your space that hold purpose to your life. Select accessories that are full of positive energy and help generate happy feelings. Channel Marie Kondo and ask yourself if an item sparks joy within you. Quality design can generate a sense of joy, wonder and success consciously and subconsciously. When selecting a television for your living space ensure the design is functional and minimal whilst being enjoyable to see.


STEP 5: Light Up Your Space

Light it up

Light is a positive addition to any space and natural light can even help to lift your mood. However, when natural light is unavailable ensure that your living room's full of uplifting energy by incorporating layered lighting. This can include lamps or other varied lighting features, warm light bulbs (energy saving bulbs produce more 'natural' light) and lighting up dark corners to create an inviting space.


STEP 6: Choose Balance

Whatever you choose to place in your living room, ensure that no one item overpowers the space. You can do this by choosing a variety of finishes and texture within the room and by selecting appliances that compliment the space rather than detract. It is very important that your living room has the right television for the space and the people who watch it. There is a big difference between a huge 100 inch QUHD Android TV and a 55 inch QLED Android TV depending on the needs of your space.

Balance your space


STEP 7: Consider the Seats

One of the main functions of a living room is that it serves as a social space for friends and family. Consider the purpose of your space when planning what seats are necessary. Perhaps include a range of options other than a lounge such as chairs, stools, love seats or other pieces.

Avoid L-shaped sofas as they draw negative energy into your space. Traditional and rounded sectional couches work better for positive Feng Shui although some negative effects can be reduced with the positive influence of potted plants. Avoid placing lounges under windows or 'floating' in the space. Instead aim to have larger furniture grounded by being placed against walls. It is important for televisions to be placed so they can be comfortably viewed, comfort is always a priority in Feng Shui design so it is important to get the correct television for your space. TCL has a simple guide to help you find the right television for your situation.

The principles of Feng Shui can be used to liven up your space whilst simultaneously drawing positive energy that can help promote communication and harmony in your living room and significantly enhance your viewing experience. Following these steps in your home is a great place to start to incorporate Feng Shui into your home and life.

Consider seating