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TCL at CES 2020 – What’s Coming in the Future?
三月 27, 2020

As one of the world’s largest producers of TVs and consumer electronics, TCL Electronics is committed to constantly innovating and improving our products. We offer a range of consumer technologies, from TVs for entertainment and gaming, to personal devices and audio.

Some of our new products were recently on display at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES 2020, which was held in Las Vegas from 7-10 January. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see from TCL now and in the future!

8K Mini-LED TVs

At CES 2020 TCL introduced the next generation Vidrian™ Mini-LED 8K TV which is hailed as one of the best TVs of CES 2020. Mini-LED technology consists of tens of thousands of individual LEDs embedded directly into a crystal clear sheet of glass, delivering an image with powerfully bright colour and precise contrast.

Colour and contrast is important for a great TV image, but so is clarity. By adding 8K to the mix, four times more pixels (around 33 million) are packed into the TV screen than current 4K TVs. More pixels means more image clarity, bringing you closer to reality at any viewing distance. 8K is especially engaging in TV screen sizes of 65” or larger.

coming to au-nz

Coming to Australia and New Zealand

Available in Australia from April are TCL’s selected 2020 models which will bring more realistic colour and enhanced picture performance to Australian customers. The 2020 launch will see TCL expand its QLED range, introducing three new premium units: the X9, C815 and C715 Series.

The 8K QLED X9 is the latest QLED model in TCL’s flagship X Series, providing users with premium entertainment experiences backed by breakthrough display technologies. Available in 75” and 65” the X9 is an 8K QLED TV featuring Quantum Dot Display Technology and incorporating Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos. X9 Series employs Local Dimming Technology, enabling precise backlight control to deliver enhanced contrast, ultra-vivid imagery.

The X9 Series is certified by IMAX Enhanced® to deliver the highest quality in-home entertainment experience, offering consumers a new level of sight, sound and scale. Paired with an industry-leading sound solution it features hardware of Onkyo and Dolby Atmos®, delivering extraordinary listening experience with sound that fills your room.

In addition, the X9 also employs a retractable built-in camera, ascending and descending automatically when prompted.


As mentioned above, TCL’s launch of the C815 and C715 also employs world-leading Quantum Dot Display Technology to offer optimised image performance to global users.

Supported by Dolby Vision, C815 and C715 deliver remarkable 4K HDR imagery with incredible brightness, detail, contrast, and colour. The units are powered by Dolby Atmos, offering breathtaking moving audio with richness, depth, and precision.

The C815 and C715 also feature smart functions powered by TCL AI-IN and the latest in Android operating systems. With Hands Free Voice Control across all TCL’s latest products, users will be able to interact with their TVs simply with their voice.

We recommend holding off on that new TV purchase until April so you can come in and experience a truly premium product at a much more affordable price. Experience the difference and feel at ease with purchasing a product that will keep up with the times for years to come.