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Great Christmas Tech Gift Ideas From TCL
十一月 19, 2018

What do you give the family with everything this Christmas? Tired of looking for that unique individual gift for each member of the household? Why not get the gift that will suit everyone?

The TCL range of TVs is perfect.

It offers everything from sourcing recipes on the internet to gaming with opponents on the other side of the world. What a great way to keep everyone happy without having to battle the Christmas gift crush.

Artificial Intelligence in the Home?

We have been early adopters of many artificial intelligence applications. It is everywhere, and it is probably such a fixture in your day to day life you don’t even notice it. Artificial Intelligence allows the current range of TCL TVs to be so technologically up to date.

But what does that mean?

You can access the internet which also provides a connection to live streaming services. This means you can access enormous amounts of content from all over the world. Our streaming services make suggestions regarding shows or movies we may like. They do this through algorithms. Using Artificial Intelligence your TV is learning what content you prefer to watch.

Great Christmas Tech Gift Ideas From TCL

Google Assistant – Making Life Easier

Using the buttons on the remote control will soon be a thing of the past thanks to AI translating voice commands into digital signals. We speak into the remote, it translates our instructions into digital signals. The remote then speaks to the TV with these signals and the TV then obeys the command.

The latest TCL Android now comes with Google TV and movies integrated into its operating system. This will give you access to thousands of movies, games and shows. You will be able to ask it questions, get answers and control devices around your home by using Google Assistant. All you need to do is press the mic button on the remote and get started.

Great Christmas Tech Gift Ideas From TCL

Smarter TV Technology

Smarter TV technology gives you the connectivity through our one of the most heavily used resources around, the internet. Once connected, it is the equivalent to having a computer built into your TV.

Smart TVs give you access to online services, including video on demand, live messaging, web browsing, IPV (internet protocol television) which is a type of video standard and social networking. Also, you can stream media from other devices straight to your TV by using the built-in Chromecast feature.

More than three thousand different Apps are compatible with TCL Android TV, here are some examples:

  • Netflix – provider of TV shows and movies accessible only online
  • Stan – Australian streaming company that offers TV shows and movies available by subscription
  • Most Apps available for social networking, video streaming, messaging and web browsing will be available on a Smart TV.

Harman Kardon – Experience the Immersive TV Sound Like Never Before

An audiophile is someone who takes the reproduction of high-quality sound seriously. TCL has partnered with Harman Kardon to give their TVs the best sound available. The aspiration is to recreate the sound of a live performance.

Harman Kardon is the industry benchmark when it comes to integrating high current capacitors that can hold a charge which allows a unit to push out sudden heavy base notes delivering the best quality base to the speakers without exploding.

Big Screen TV for Movies and Gaming

Gaming and movie viewing on big screens are now completely immersive thanks to superior graphics and contrasts. With quantum dot technology enhancing every colour in every pixel, playing games will transport you far away from the comfort of your living room.

When it comes to gaming, graphics are everything. Having the most pixelated tv available is a must. An X4 QLED TV has this capability. The refresh rate is unparalleled. For the purposes of gaming, this is a massive plus. This display technology will enhance the peak brightness of the TV which will largely improve the picture contrast to lift up the gaming experience.

Cybershack Sneak Peek

Cybershack TV is a progressive new TV show that features different topics each week. Anything from noise-cancelling earphones to 5 Apps to make the most of your Valentine’s day to 5 great cameras for beginners. App and product reviews, upcoming video games to look out for and best products to come out of tech conferences. If it has anything to do with tech Cybershack will have it. Why not record it and watch it at your preferred time on your new TCL TV?

In season 24, episode 11 of CyberShack, they talk about the latest TCL QLED X4 TV.

So Which Size TV is Best?

Your choice of TV size will be determined by its functional use.

32-inch televisions are the most versatile size of all. They provide several usage options interchangeable around the home. They are often the choice for small areas including a study or small rumpus room. They are the most commonly used size for computer monitors.

40-inch tv is a good fit for a bedroom or home bar area. They are cost-effective and can be easily transferred from a bedroom, kitchen or small area if you wish to change its location. They are also easy to pack up and take when moving to a new house.

40 inch led TVs are a great choice for gamers. They can fit easily into a bedroom or rumpus room without everyone having to be stuck with the gaming tv in the main lounge room. Most now support some of the up to date technology the bigger tv offer, including Smart TV, 4K TV technology as well as Full HD TV. They are small enough to have on a stand or if you wanted even less conspicuous, they can also be wall mounted.

The 55 to 65-inch size is the most common size being purchased in Australia today. It will suit most living areas and are the go-to size in many home theatre rooms.

Be realistic when making your TV size choice. The accepted mantra is, “the bigger the better”. However, you wouldn’t put a 55 inch in a small bedroom but in a larger room, if you are torn between two sizes, the bigger choice is rarely regretted.

If you have a sizeable outdoor pergola area, a 55 to 65-inch tv will add a great feel to your outdoor experience. You could be watching sport, music videos or be watching the news whilst entertaining outdoors.

If you are looking for a complete cinematic experience the Series X 85-inch X6 Premium QLED Private Theatre will tick all the boxes. With Quantum Dot display, Supreme Local Dimming, Harman Kardon quality speakers and Dolby Atmos sound experience, anything else will be a step-down.