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You'll Love the Amazing X925 Series Televisions by TCL
九月 07, 2021


This year, TCL have launched their amazing flagship TV models, the X925 Series and the enhanced X925 Pro Series.

The X925 Series TVs are a showcase for a host of incredible technologies and features. Everything packed into the X925 Series is focused on providing you with a superior entertainment experience across the board. What's more, the X925 Pro television includes everything from the X925 Series, with a few notable upgrades.

Let's review the TCL X925 Series TVs and explore what is on offer. We'll discover the expanded X925 Pro features along the way.

Incredible Picture Quality

As the best TVs in the TCL range, of course the X925 Series features extraordinary 8K resolution. 8K displays an incredible 33 million pixels; that's four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD, or an unbelievable 16x the resolution of Full HD. As an additional point of note, 8K is more resolution than most current movie cinemas.

All this resolution lets you view in fine detail even the smallest of on-screen elements. Step into the future of television.

The magic behind the exception viewing quality of the X925 televisions is TCL's Mini LED backlight technology. Combined with TCL's Full Array Local Dimming, Mini LED boosts precision on-screen control over local contrast regions. They yield enhanced contrast and overall picture uniformity together with boosted screen brightness, amazing colour reproduction, and rich, deep blacks.

In addition, the X925 Pro Series Mini LED is created with OD-Zero technology. Through OD-Zero, the backlight LEDs are further miniaturised and panel thickness reduced to deliver our thinnest TV to date.

To further support the picture quality on offer, the X925 comes with Quantum Dot technology. Via a layer of special light-emitting nano-crystals you receive truer whites, plus an expanded vibrant and more natural range of colours.

Innovative Signal and Processing Technologies

These technologies are all aimed at receiving your chosen input (your movies, shows, and games) and enhancing them to make the most of the TVs physical hardware.

High Dynamic Range (HDR10+) delivers bold, rich, and vivid colours and contrast together with black blacks and whiter whites. Furthermore, localised fine-tuning enhances subtle details and tonal gradients for truly enjoyable viewing.

IMAX Enhanced brings the "Big Screen" to your home. IMAX Enhanced digitally remasters your content for reduced noise and grain with cinema-grade image processing technology.

Finally, Dolby Vision pushes the boundaries of colour accuracy and brightness control. Furthermore, Dolby Vision IQ monitors ambient lighting conditions in the room and optimises screen output on-the-fly to suit. With amazing processing of colour, contrast, and subtlety the Dolby Vision standard also offers expansion options into the future.

To cap these off, the X925 Series models also include Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for gaming. Enjoy smooth and pleasurable gameplay with reduced on-screen stutter, tearing, and lag. In addition, Clear Motion Rate (CMR) 200 smooths video frame transitions for reduced motion blur and judder in both gaming and fast-paced sports and action movies.

Outstanding Audio Quality

The audio highlight of the X925 Series TVs is the embedded Onkyo Audio speakers. Onkyo Audio is a renowned brand in HiFi and their technology brings exquisite sound to your TV. The X925 Series also include a subwoofer. This subwoofer is built-in for the X925 models, but detachable for the X925 Pro.

Similar to the processing for the visual aspects of the TVs, the Onkyo speakers are driven by innovative signal processing technologies. Dolby and DTS are both leaders in audio processing and their technologies are instrumental in providing exceptional audio quality.

Furthermore, Dolby Atmos offers immersive 3D surround sound without an extensive home theatre setup. By creating a virtual 360 degree sound stage you will feel like you're in the midst of the on-screen action. Experience breathtaking audio realism and control in all your entertainment.

Overall, with the X925 Series you will enjoy clarity and precision with all your audio from softly-spoken dialogue through to room-shaking explosions.

Useability and Connectivity Features

The connectivity and useability features are what draws the whole package together. We'll review them quickly here.

To start with, the X925 Series TVs operate using the Android TV platform with an upgrade to Google TV coming later in the year. Android/Google TV allows control over all aspects of accessing and managing your favourite entertainment.

Choose and download additional apps through the famous Google Play store or utilise the built-in Chromecast. Chromecast displays photos, videos, music, and other content from a connected digital device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy easy Hands Free Voice Control over your TV with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Simple and straightforward.

Experience a never-ending selection of home entertainment via the Entertainment Hub. Connect with your favourite subscription services including Netflix, Stan, Disney, and Amazon Prime, or free-to-air services such as Freeview Premium and YouTube.

The X925 Series all include WiFi 6, HDMI 2.1, USB connectivity, and built-in Bluetooth. The X925 Pro model even includes a pop-up camera.

The Review Wrap-up

The TCL X925 and X925 Pro televisions are feature-rich leaders in home entertainment. You'll experience the best of what TCL has to offer for many years to come.

The X925 Series are available in 65" and 75". The X925 Pro is available in 85".