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TCL India·2022-03-01

Product TCL India·2022-03-01

An Insightful Comparison between the TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725 and Brand-SS QLED TVs


TCL product line up features latest innovations and cutting edge technology due to which the brand has successfully established a good consumer base in the Indian market. It now aims to disrupt the Indian TV market with its latest offerings. With a vision to make TV technology easily accessible for consumers, it launched the TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725. This TCL TV comes with unique features like Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, MEMC, Micro Dimming, Dolby Atmos, Hands-Free Voice control and more. The TV also features the latest Android version. Here we will understand what really makes the TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725 stand apart from QLED TVs from other SS brand. 

C725 Video call tv


Understanding the Key Features of TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725


Video Call Feature: The TCL C725 comes with a video call feature that enables the user to enjoy making and taking video calls on a larger screen with better clarity. This TV supports the Google Duo app and lets you connect with your loved ones on the bigger screen. The SS brand does not support this feature in their QLED TV due to which the user might lose on to experiencing a different level of connectivity.


Picture Quality: Picture quality is certainly the most essential thing one considers when buying a new TV. The TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725 comes with HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, MEMC, Micro Dimming and more which delivers an immersive cinematic experience to the users. Whereas the SS brand only features Quantum HDR which turns out to be a major drawback.


Sound System: A TV unit is incomplete without a good inbuilt sound system. While the TCL 4K QLED TV sports 24W (12Wx2) speakers, ONKYO certified sound, Dolby ATMOS and DTS HD a similar QLED TV from the SS brand comes with only a 20W speaker. The users can easily experience the difference in the sound quality of TCL 4K QLED TV and SS brand TV.


Operating System: Operating system defines the user interface and user experience of technology while the TCL C725 comes with Google Certified Android 11 (latest version) that offers a user-friendly interface and experience the SS brand TV has Tizen which happens to have a little complicated interface.


Hands-Free Voice Control 2.0: With the TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV you get to enjoy the liberty of controlling your TV without the remote with just your voice commands. This feature offers a hassle-free experience to the users. The SS brand misses on this feature and thus operating it would be a hassle.


Other Specs: Along with these key features mentioned above the TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725 features 16GB ROM, built-in Google Assistant and more whereas the TV from the SS brand only has 8GB ROM.


The Bottom Line

With so many TV technologies and options available in the market buying a Smart TV is not an easy decision. This comparison between TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725 and SS brand QLED TV clearly shows that the TCL TV has a leading edge over the competitor not only in terms of audio and video specs but also in terms of operating system and other features.


The TCL Video Call 4K QLED TV C725 with unique features is now easily available at all TCL outlets, TCL online brand store, offline partner stores and leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.



TCL India·2022-03-01

Product TCL India·2022-03-01