Understanding the Functions and Working of a Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine


Tips 2021-10-29

One of the most commonly used types of washing machines is the fully automatic top load. The fully automatic washing machines are easy to use and give the users complete a relaxing laundry experience. All you need to do is to put the clothes in the washer with some detergent, set the desired wash program and then sit back n relax. One does not need to put in any manual effort while using the fully automatic machine. Top load fully automatic washing machines are energy efficient and economical. Top load washing machines are convenient to use especially when you have children and elderly people at home because the kids won’t be able to open the top lid and at the same time it will be convenient for the elderly to put in the laundry without bending too much. Top load fully automatic washing machines from TCL are narrower than front load and occupy lesser space. Let us understand the working and the functions of top load fully automatic washing machines.


Do Top Load Washing Machines Have Separate Detergent Case?


In a few models, users can find a dual detergent case for liquid and powder detergent. Top load fully automatic washing machines from TCL come with a dual detergent case which makes it easy for the user to clean and maintain the machine. A dual detergent case is usually placed in the centre of the machine. Normal washing machines in the market do not have a dual detergent cases. However, some premium brands like TCL offer dual detergent cases in their washing machines.


How to Install a Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine?


Installing a top loader fully automatic washing machine is not a big task if you follow the below step-wise installation guide.

Step 1.   Unpack the washing machine at the place of installation

Step 2.  Most of the TCL top load washing machine comes with adjustable legs, so make sure to fix them as per your preference

Step 3.  Now fix the inlet and drain hose in the given places

Step 4.  And now finally ensure that you have fixed the locking nuts.


How to Clean the TCL Washing Machine?


Fully automatic top load washing machines from TCL comes with an auto-clean function. Thus all you need to do is pour in some washing machine cleanser and set the machine to the auto clean mode and then enjoy fresh laundry from the next wash.


What Is The Difference Between a Twin Tub And a Top Loader?


Top Loader


These washing machines have clothes that are loaded into the top through an open door. TCL fully automatic top loader washing machines are designed with the toughened glass door feature so you can keep an eye on your laundry. However, not all top load washers have glass doors. TCL top loader washing machines are easy to clean and maintain.


Twin Tub


These washing machines come with two tubs. The first tub is used for washing your clothes, while the second one is used to spin them dry. Though twin tub washers are more energy-efficient, they are more common in semi-automatic washing machines. One has to manually shift clothes from the wash drum to the spin tub.


Why Choose TCL Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines?


TCL fully automatic top loader washing machines are designed to suit the laundry requirements of Indian homes and are thus preferred by consumers across the country. TCL ensures complete satisfaction with its advanced technologies. The brand understands Indian households like no other thus; TCL fully automatic top load washing machines are bound to give your laundry the best care that they deserve.



Tips 2021-10-29