What is the Ideal TCL TV for You?

TCL India·2022-01-18

Tips TCL India·2022-01-18

TV tech has come on leaps and bounds making TV shopping tough, but this TV buying guide will help you decide the ideal TCL TV for you. With a TCL TV in your living room one can be assured of viewing everything better on a better TV. Not only have TCL TVs upped the picture performance game but the evolution of new technologies also wraps up the head of the buyers. Along with basic questions of screen size, TV placement, number of inputs technology specific features like HDR, OLED, QLED TV etc. can leave you baffled. With so many TV display options and latest technologies (not to mention a dizzying number of smart functions) it's not easy to choose the best TV. With lessons learned from millions of other reviews, guides and technical experts, this guide can be your sherpa through the TCL TV shopping wilderness. Whether you're looking for simple shopping advice or need to know which features matter most. When making a choice for a new TCL TV it all comes down to the very basic question- Which TV Suits Your Lifestyle?


How to Choose the Ideal TCL TV for Yourself?


Choosing an ideal TCL TV for yourself can be real fun if you get to know about TCL TVs that can impact your lifestyle and enhance your viewing experience. Here are some top suggestions to consider:


The Drama Binger


If you love TV drama and series and can’t wait to binge on the next series then you don’t require anything more than a TCL TV with good screen quality and sound. The TCL P725 4K HDR TV is one of the best models to start with. Featuring 4K resolution accompanied with HDR10 and Dolby Vision the TV ensures better contrast and colour fidelity. One can rest be assured of the immersive sound as well, all thanks to Dolby ATMOS surround sound functionality. 

C725 Video call tv


The Gamer


If you are a pro gamer and gaming is your thing then you would definitely love to enjoy gaming sessions on big screen but the more important thing is smooth gameplay. If you get to enjoy extra visual and audio features that let you experience all those elements the game developers have programmed becomes a cherry on the cake. All, the visual and audio tech noted above holds true for the TCL C825 series. Experience the richness of colour gamut, contrast, and detail that the game developers intended along with incredible, audio. The features of C825 that stand out for the gamers and make the TCL C825 one of the best gaming TVs are the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), 120Hz MEMC and more. The combination of these features, provide smooth gameplay with reduced judder and motion blur. 

C825 Gaming TV


The Social Being


If you are one of those people who wish to stay connected with your loved ones then you might just like to explore the TCL C725 4K QLED TV with video call camera. Featuring 4K viewing with HDR 10+, Quantum Dot Technology, Onkyo Audio and more this one of the best 4K QLED TV delivers an expanded range of rich, vibrant and more natural colours with brighter whites and darker blacks. Not only this, the video call camera will enable you to make and take video calls on a larger screen with better clarity.


The Sports Freak


If you love sports whatever it may be; cricket, soccer, tennis, golf or anything else you certainly do wish to catch all the action without needing to squint. The TCL P715 TV is a monster. At 75 inches in size and 4K resolution it provides an entire viewing space you want for sports. Whether, for everyday matches or watching the big game with your squad you’ll have it covered. The P715 4K UHD TV features atmospheric micro dimming, dynamic colour enhancement, 4K HDR resolution and more for rich colours, contrast and clarity. This TCL TV will keep you immersed in the game like never before. For the sound the TCL TV comes with Dolby Audio to keep you en grossed in the middle of action. 

TCL C825 Mini LED TV


The Movie Buff


If the latest movies is what gets you going and you wish to bring all the production value that is used in the creation of films to your TCL TV then the TCL C715 is the best pick. With the TCL C715 series TVs one would get to enjoy 4K viewing at its finest. With a slew of visual enhancement features the viewers get to enjoy fantastic picture quality including Quantum Dot, HDR 10, 4K UHD and more. The viewers can be assured of getting rich, bold colours whilst maintaining subtlety, powerful contrast with deep blacks and bright whites, and clarity to pick out fine details on screen. The TCL C715 4K TV doesn’t hold back with the audio either. Experience the exceptional surround sound with Dolby Atmos.


If You Want It All


If you like to have the best in life and wish to have a TV that features it all then the TCL C825 should be your pick. The TCL C825 Mini LED 4K QLED TV offers all the latest visual and audio features with incredible Mini LED technology. The TCL C825 Mini LED even comes with a magic camera and uses the Mini LED technology to produce brighter whites and darker blacks. The C825 also comes with theatrical Dolby Atmos and ONKYO 2.1 speakers for immersive sound system.




One might certainly fit into multiple categories but then you can explore the amazing range of TCL TVs to find out which suits your lifestyle.


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TCL India·2022-01-18

Tips TCL India·2022-01-18