How TCL’s HDR TVs Improve Your Movie Watching Experience

TCL India·2022-01-24

Tips TCL India·2022-01-24

The TV industry never stands still, with new technologies evolving every year to improve TV viewing and convince you for an upgrade. Over the past few years we have seen the move from CRT screens to QLED and Mini LED technology. We have also witnessed the rise and fall of plasma TVs and the ascent of HD, Full HD and Ultra HD, joining the race now is the HDR technology! HDR TVs hit big time in the year 2017 and since then new range of HDR formats, devices and more have been booming. High-Dynamic Range popularly known as HDR elevates the image of your TV to an entirely new level. Currently HDR feature can be found in almost all of the best TVs available in the market. However, only few good TV brands like TCL feature real HDR. 4K QLED TVs like the TCL 4K HDR TV P725 with real HDR display shows, movies and games with brighter and better contrast along with more realistic colours making the images on TV look more lifelike. Not all HDR TVs are same and just because some random TVs are labeled “4K HDR” doesn’t really mean you’ll get increased performance.


Understanding the HDR Technology Used in TCL TVs


HDR is a term that you might have often come across when researching about the best TVs to buy. HDR is all about enhancing the contrast between the whites and the blacks a TV can produce. When done well like in the best TCL TVs, HDR presents better natural illumination of images. Though HDR demands higher peak brightness from the TV but while creating some of the best TCL HDR TVs like P725 utmost care is taken that the TVs do not present blindingly bright imagers to the viewers. When HDR is at work one can clearly observe the texture of the brick on a shady walkway or nuances in the white clouds in the daytime sky while watching their favorite movie or shows on TCL 4K QLED TV. With the TCL Mini LED by your side you’ll also see brighter and more realistic images. TCL HDR TVs produce more vibrant and varied colours. While the standard HDR TVs can display about 17 million colours, the TCL 4K HDR TVs display up to a billion colours.


Highlights of HDR TVs


Now you must be thinking that does the TCL HDR TVs really need the kind of attention they get? Largely yes!! The HDR certainly is one of the major caveats to consider when planning to get home the best TV. Here are some key highlights of HDR that will help you understand the technology better: 



· Usually HDR requires both a TV that supports it like the TCL 4K HDR TV P725 and special HDR content, which can now easily be found on all major streaming platforms.


· HDR images are meant to achieve brighter highlights with more contrast.


· TCL HDR TVs have wide colour gamut that deliver deeper, richer colours when streaming content that support it.


· Though TCL offers HDR TVs at a budget price but they certainly do not compromise on the quality. In fact, the TCL HDR TVs at times can beat the HDR TVs from some very popular manufacturers.


· Almost all HDR content from all streaming platforms are now available in 4K resolution.


How Does the HDR for TVs Work?


Most of the TCL HDR TVs are capable of emitting more light than a normal TVs in certain parts of the image. It mostly works like local-dimming but to an even greater extent. The HDR TVs become more impressive when they come with wide colour gamut. Though making TVs brighter and more colourful costs money but with the best HDR TVs from TCL you can remain worry-free about costing. The TVs that perform best with HDR are models that have local dimming as well like the TCL 4K HDR TV P725. A TV that lacks these features might look better than a non-HDR TV but cannot compete with the best HDR TVs in the segment. The only thing that a HDR label in normal TV signifies that the TV is able to display HDR movies and TV shows and it has nothing to do with how well it can show those images. However, with the best TCL TVs you can rest be assured of enjoying good quality images with well-lit brightness and enough colour gamut. But only having the best HDR TV is not enough you also need to have access to HDR content and the good thing is that most of the content developers have now moved to developing HDR content.



Types of HDR


When you plan to move out to get home one of the best HDR TVs you might come across some references to different kinds of HDR. There are several variations in terms of HDR technology and understanding these can be useful. HDR10 has been adopted as the standard and is supported by most of the 4K TVs with HDR.


Most of the TCL 4K QLED TVs also offer Dolby Vision which is being promoted as the upgraded version of HDR10. The TCL 4K TVs supporting Dolby Vision supports dynamic metadata allowing the TV to adjust the brightness on a frame-by-frame basis. The HDR10+ is an even advanced technology that uses dynamic metadata and is available in most of the TCL TVs. Both Dolby Vision and HDR has offshoot of their respective technology popularly known as Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+. Most of the newer and latest TCL 4K TVs feature these technologies. It allows the TVs to make small adjustment to brightness, contrast and colours of the image based on the ambient brightness of the room.


One of the major advantages of dynamic metadata in both Dolby Vision, HDR10 and upper versions is that they help the midlevel TVs that doesn’t have the brightness levels of a some of the best models, adapt the content to the limitations of the TV sets.



The Bottom Line


HDR is an established benchmark in home entertainment allowing the viewers to enjoy their content in their home with the same colour grading as in the theaters. Cinematically the HDR tech has had a significant impact as now the directors no longer need to choose between exposing for shadows or sunlight. Having one of the best HDR TVs like the TCL 4K HDR TV P725 can certainly enhance your TV viewing experience and take your home entertainment to next-level. 


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TCL India·2022-01-24

Tips TCL India·2022-01-24