7 Ways Technology Has Changed Television

TCL India·2022-02-09

Tips TCL India·2022-02-09

Television happens to be one of the most interesting and entertaining innovations by the human civilization. However, TV has evolved with the improvement in technology which has greatly impacted this innovation. Global leaders like TCL have continuously been working towards using the technology in order to change television for the better. Many of us would remember TV as a fairly simple concept and a device that was meant to deliver shows. Earlier viewers had to watch whatever was on but today with the advent of internet people now have the liberty to choose the content of their taste. Another good thing that happened with the advent of internet is that the TVs have been able to cover the journey from being a simple cable connected device to a smart device.


Nowadays with the TCL Smart TV the users will have the option to watch that they want, when they want and how they want. The TV industry has undergone massive reformation not only in form of content being played but also in terms of display technology, audio technology and more. The TCL 4K QLED Smart TV offers a lot more options with picture quality being years ahead of what it was earlier. With the integration of other techs the TCL Smart TV can deliver a lot more than just basic programs and games. Here are some interesting ways in which technology has changed television.


Interesting Ways Technology Has Changed Television


High-Definition Technology

The image that we view on TV is built from individual pixels. In a standard definition TV the image is built of 480 rows of pixels with 640 columns in each row. But increasing the number of pixels can substantially increase the level of resolution. Today we are able to enjoy HDR images on our TVs because of the shift to digital technology. Today almost every TV from popular brands like TCL is HD ready which means that these best smart TVs will offer a resolution of 1280x720 (720p).

Smart TV


With time our very own ‘idiot box’ became smart all thanks to the continuous innovation and technological developments. TV which was once considered to be idiot is now being referred to as ‘smart’. Any television connected to the internet is known as Smart TV and today TCL happens to be the second largest manufacturers of the best smart TVs globally. The TCL Smart TVs come with built-in apps and also allows the users to download certain apps that he requires. Most of the Indian households today own at least one Smart TV. To make your Smart TV experience more comfortable the best TCL TVs feature latest Android version that allows the users of the TCL Smart Android TV to easily download their favourite apps. 

TCL Smart tv

AIxIoT Tech in TV


It’s not just the TV that has changed but the source of the content has also impacted the TV manufacturing industry. Earlier cable and satellite TV was what people craved for but now the cable and satellite TV providers has fallen out of favour and people have rediscovered new forms of content on channels that didn’t exist few decades ago. Though TV still is primarily considered to be an entertainment device, but it can now do a lot more than just keeping you entertained. All thanks to the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things that have made TCL TVs capable of becoming the center of your home. You can now easily connect and manage all your smart devices from your TCL TV. Making TCL TV the center of control can easily reduce your hassle and help you save a lot of time. 

AIxIoT tcl tv



As time changed and technology improved TV panels saw huge improvement. From CRT screens to flat panels and to LED screens we have seen it all. In the past few decades TV manufacturing brands like TCL have been on their toes to further improve the viewing experience of the users. TCL recently launched the newest TV technology known as the Mini LED. Mini LED is capable of achieving impressive effect through countless mini LEDs implanted in the TV panel. The Mini LEDs emit light depending upon the current it receives making of capable of delivering excellent picture quality. Bring home the TCL Mini LED to enjoy 

TCL mini led tv

Higher Resolution (4K TV)


The TCL Smart TVs continues to evolve even beyond Full HD and Ultra HD that has been designated a new name known as 4K TV. The TCL 4K Smart TV yields qualitatively better pictures. The TCL 4K TV packs around 4 times as many pixels offering super-duper high resolution. The TCL 4K Smart TVs are available at quite affordable rates and are capable of taking your home entertainment to the next level. 

Advanced Audio


The TV technology has improved leaps and bounds not only in terms of visuals but also in terms of audio. Unlike the traditional TVs the TCL 4K Smart TVs feature built-in subwoofers and Dolby audio offering an immersive cinematic experience at home. 

TCL Dolby audio tv

Evolution of Gaming TV


One very interesting development in the TV manufacturing industry is the evolution of gaming TV. TCL has a unique feature that caters to the requirements of the gaming community known as the Game Master. With the TCL Game Master one can now get rid of the hassle of connecting multiple devices to the TV to enjoy a lag free gaming session. The TCL Game Master features 120Hz MEMC along with Dolby Vision IQ, ONKYO Speakers, AIPQ Engine, ALLM and more which delivers the gamers a satisfying lag-free gaming session. 

TCL Gaming tv

The Bottom Line


If you wish to improve or upgrade your home entertainment and enjoy truly immersive audio and visuals then getting home one of the best TCL TVs can help you. TCL being a global leader in TV manufacturing units makes sure to deliver ultimate entertainment experience to its users. 


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TCL India·2022-02-09

Tips TCL India·2022-02-09