Is your AC smart? 5 reasons to buy a smart Air Conditioner


Tips 2021-05-24

Smartphones are now an ubiquitous part of our lives. We use it for everything , from taking pictures to making phone calls to shooting videos for our vlog! Phones are now an extension of us. And so, it is only natural for other devices to be connected to it. Connecting devices in a smart way enables us to use the device effectively. 

While air conditioners itself have been around for a long time, the industry is now adapting to the changing technology and consumer needs. Smart ACs are not only relevant but also useful. 

Why should your AC be smart? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying a smart AC.


You can control the temperature you set on your AC from wherever you are sitting, literally from the palm of your hand. You can use an app, for example, the TCL home app to control the settings even before you enter the room. 

Smart ACs also have many inbuilt modes in them that manage settings that do not require any manual intervention. In TCL air conditioners, you have sleep mode. When sleep mode is activated, it runs at a lower capacity maintaining a narrow temperature gap. Temperature doesn't fluctuate during the period of operation thereby ensuring performance tailored for sleep duration. This ensures energy efficient performance throughout the night with a quiet, pleasant and undisturbed sleep.

TCL air conditioners also provide mute mode. This ensures your air conditioner works very quietly, letting you focus on what matters.


Smart Inverter ACs run efficiently on less power. They do not require regular ON and OFF to  maintain temperatures. Once the temperature is set, they automatically slow down once the desired temperature or the set temperature is attained. This means they consume less energy to cool the room. Consuming less energy saves you from paying up huge utility bills.


We have already seen how smart ACs are convenient and use less power. When a device is consuming less energy, it's using less of a non renewable form of energy. Thereby reducing your carbon footprint. 

With a smart AC, you can also manage your daily schedule. So, instead of the AC running all day, it will only run when you most need it. When not in use, it shuts off. This saves electricity, keeps you comfortable with just the right cooling and also reduces carbon footprint because of less energy consumption. 


Smart ACs work when you want them to work. There is no need for you to wait 25-30 mins after you switch on your AC to start feeling cool. You can turn on the AC even before you get to the room. 

There also won't be a reason for you to feel too cold as your air conditioner will automatically optimise functioning once it reaches the temperature set on the thermostat. 

TCL has the I FEEL feature. The I FEEL mode enables environmental temperature to be directly taken via a sensor built into the remote. It senses the temperature accurately and provides only absolute required cooling. 


Regular maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner is necessary to ensure that it works efficiently and also lasts longer. While you may have planned regular service schedules, what if there is a breakdown of a component before a scheduled service? Is there a way for you to know before your air conditioner stops working?

Yes! This is possible with smart ACs. They are equipped with components that help self diagnose and intimate you of a problem right away. This self diagnosis is done without you setting a reminder for it. 

On TCL home app , you can conveniently check and troubleshoot air conditioner problems directly from your smartphone.  The error code will be displayed on the machine for a quicker resolution. 

Example: If it says E2, it means IDU coil temperature sensor failure. You can request a service on the TCL home app mentioning this error code or you can call the service care centre available Monday through Saturday on 1800-102-0622. 

Let’s summarise the benefits of a smart AC.

-       Convenient with ease of operations
-       Easy on the pocket with reduced electricity bills
-       Efficient 
-       Reduces Carbon Footprint by consuming less energy
-       Self Diagnosis of  problems

You can find more information on TCL Smart AI Inverter Air Conditions on . 



Tips 2021-05-24
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