Reasons why your compressor is not working


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What is a compressor in an Air Conditioner?

A compressor is the heart of your AC. Just like in a human body, other parts are important and crucial but a beating heart means there is life. Similarly, a fan, refrigerant, evaporator, and condenser are all important in an air conditioner, but the compressor is the heart.

What is the role of a compressor?

A compressor is responsible for cooling the room. A Split Air conditioner has two components, the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. A compressor is part of the outdoor unit.

When refrigerant leaves an air conditioner’s evaporator, it’s in the form of low-pressure gas. To release the heat absorbed by the refrigerant, the refrigerant needs to be in a higher temperature and pressure form. The compressor packs molecules in the gas-based refrigerant tightly. This raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant as needed. Hot Air always moves from warm to cooler surfaces, so the heat in the refrigerant can now be expelled out.

What are the reasons why your compressor may not work or malfunction?

Low Tonnage Air Conditioner for a Large Room:
It is very likely that we select low tonnage Air Conditioner to save cost for a large room. This will ultimately lead to reducing the life span of your Air Conditioner. If its low tonnage it means the AC will have to take more load and more time to cool the large room which will lead to continuous functioning of compressor for a long time and will cause break down.

Very High usage at very low temperatures:  It is possible that the air conditioner is on for a very long time at a very low temperature of 16oC or is being switched on and off very frequently. Continuous and long usage of air conditioners at very low temperature will increase the load on the compressor and produces a lot of heat. This may cause the compressor to break down.

Lubrication and Leakage:  Like any machine, a compressor also needs to be well oiled for it to function well.  If there is a leakage of the refrigerant, then the compressor will not be able to perform its function properly. Without the compressor not being oiled properly, will also lead break down.

Inappropriate Gas Recharge: It is always advisable that the gas recharge is done appropriately and also the correct quantity. If its less gas then there is more load on the compressor. If its more gas then its more pressure on the compressor. So in both cases a compressor break down happen.

Other outdoor units malfunction: A compressor, condenser and fan are components of the outdoor unit of an air conditioner. A fan keeps the outdoor unit cool and well ventilated. If a fan is not able to cool down the outdoor unit or manage the heat being dissipated by the compressor, then the outdoor unit will heat up. When the unit gets too hot, the compressor will malfunction.

Accumulation of dirt and dust: Over time, any device gathers dust,oil,dirt and other impurities from its surroundings. Accumulation of all this causes a compressor to not perform well.

What are the signs that my compressor is not working?

Watch out for these signs from your air conditioner to know if your compressor is complaining or asking for some love and care from a service engineer.

-       Too much noise from the air conditioner
-       Lot of Vibration
-       Ineffective cooling, in worst cases, room turning hot,
-       Frequent tripping of electric circuits when air conditioner is on

Solutions for a compressor gone bad

Usually, it is suggested that a failed compressor be replaced with a new one. It's best to call a trained professional to do so. A trained service engineer will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem. Maybe a repair will do instead of replacement. But he would be better equipped to understand the problem.

Regular service and maintenance of your air conditioner is definitely one of the ways to detect any issue early on in your compressor or other components of the air conditioner.

For any TCL air conditioner issues or maintenance, you can use your TCL home app to register and track a complaint. This can be done within 10 seconds. You can also visit TCL to register feedback. Our help line numbers are open Monday- Sunday, 10am-10pm. Call 1800-419-0622.

All TCL air conditioners come with a 10 year warranty on the compressor.



Events 2021-04-07
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