How To Connect A Soundbar To Your TV – Simple Instructions You Can Use






Soundbars are great for adding sound to your TV without having to deal with the hassle of installing a new home theater system. And fortunately, it’s pretty easy to connect them too! Let me explain how.




HDMI Cable: 

This is a popular connection method because it's easy to set up and works like magic. It requires only one cable to transmit both audio and visual signals between devices—so no more trying to remember which wire goes where! Basically, all modern televisions come with at least one HDMI input; if yours doesn't have one built-in, it might be possible for you to get an adapter that adds them onto your TV's rear panel. 


All you have to do is to plug one end into the HDMI port on your TV and plug in the other end into an available port on your soundbar. You'll also need to make sure that both devices are turned on before doing this step. If there isn't enough power in the HDMI cable, try using an optical audio cable instead.


If you want to learn more about HDMI cables, you can read our article What Is HDMI? A Guide To The Most Important Tech Term You Need To Know.


Optical Cable: 

To connect your soundbar to your TV with an optical cable:


  1. Plug one end of the cable into the connector on the back of your soundbar, then plug the other end into an available port on your TV. If you're connecting multiple devices, make sure that your TV has enough ports before buying any cables!
  2. Turn on both devices and select the correct input on each one by pressing "Input" on each remote control until they both read "Optical" or something similar (the exact wording will vary depending on your brand). If you don't see this option, check out our troubleshooting guide below!
  3. Turn off any other audio equipment like surround speakers or headphones that are currently connected directly to either device unless they're wireless (and therefore don't require connection to an optical receiver). 


AV Adapter: 

If neither of those options works for whatever reason, then just use this adapter instead! It connects directly to the back of each device so there are no loose ends floating around behind either product once everything is connected together correctly without any extra effort involved.



The best way to connect a soundbar to your TV is via Bluetooth. If you have a soundbar that supports Bluetooth connectivity, it’s very easy and quick to set up. All you need to do is turn on the soundbar, make sure it's in pairing mode, and then discover it on your TV using the remote control. Once discovered, select "Bluetooth" from the list of available inputs on your TV screen or menu system and pair them up with each other using codes displayed on both devices.


If you don’t have a bluetooth supported soundbar yet, make sure to check out our TCL soundbars today!


TCL, known for its user-centric design, ensures that pairing your soundbar is a breeze. For wired enthusiasts, leverage the HDMI or Optical cables for a crisp, uninterrupted audio feed. However, the real charm lies in the effortless wireless connectivity. By initiating the pairing mode on your TCL soundbar, you're merely moments away from wire-free audio bliss. Navigate through your smart TV menu and activate Bluetooth search, allowing your device to seamlessly recognize and bond with the TCL soundbar. This instant synchronization exemplifies the harmony of technology and convenience. Beyond the basic setup, dive into the TCL soundbar's settings to tailor the audio to your preferences – from enriching movie dialogues to amplifying gaming soundscapes. With TCL's commitment to enhancing every auditory nuance, your living room is elevated into a realm where cinema-quality sound becomes your daily reality. Embrace the TCL soundbar experience, where superior sound meets effortless installation.


Related Questions


  • Does my Roku TV have Bluetooth?
    Roku TVs do not have built-in Bluetooth, but they do offer a solution for sending audio wirelessly to your soundbar. The solution provided by Roku is a function called Private Listening, which feeds audio to compatible Roku remote controls or the Roku app on mobile devices.
  • Why do TVs not have headphone jacks?
    TV manufacturers are trying to create an ecosystem that is easy and seamless, which means you won't be able to use one feature without using another (like having to purchase their streaming service). In order to provide this type of experience, brands will often remove all non-essential features like headphone jacks.
  • How do I get my TCL TV off headphone mode?
    If you want to listen to your soundbar without headphones, you'll need to turn the TV off of headphone mode. To do this, go into the settings menu on your TCL television and select "Audio Settings". From there, choose "TV Speakers", then switch it from "On" (headphones) to either "Off" or "External Speakers Only".
  • How do I get sound from headphones and TV speakers at the same time on Roku?
    You can simply connect them both to Jack ports on a single device. If you have a soundbar with two or more separate outputs, this can be done by connecting one cable from the TV's audio output (analog coaxial or digital optical) to an input on the soundbar. Then connect another cable from an output on your Roku box to another input on the soundbar. It may be necessary to switch between using one or both inputs depending on what you're listening to (using headphones vs watching TV).




Now that you know how to connect a soundbar to your TV, we have just one last question for you: are you ready to start enjoying the big screen experience? If so, then roll up your sleeves and get started! Check out TCL TVs and soundbars for better family entertainment!


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