Why is my Air Conditioner leaking?



The most essential home appliance during summer is an air conditioner. The heat makes it almost impossible to live comfortably without one.

With continuous usage, it is only normal for the air conditioner to develop issues over time due to various reasons such as lack of proper maintenance, constant usage, and changing weather. All this results in malfunctioning of either some parts of the air conditioner or the entire unit. In severe cases, if not cared for properly, it could even mean replacement of the unit. 

One of the most common complaints or problems is water leakage. While condensation and evaporation are basic principles of how an air conditioner functions, too much condensation or leaking or water dripping is not a good sign.  

What could be the possible reasons for Air Conditioner leaking?

Dirty or Clogged or Blocked filter

This is the most common reason for an air conditioner leaking and dripping water. When the air filter  becomes clogged or dirty or blocked, it inhibits the flow of air through the system. This will lead to freezing of the air, and when you turn off the aircon or when the desired air temperature is reached, ice formed on the filter starts melting. The water finds its way out and the aircon starts leaking.

Air Leak

Air leak is another common reason that may lead to the air conditioner leaking and dripping water. For optimal function, the air reaching the air conditioner should pass through the vent. Faulty reasons may lead to leakage of air. The air does not pass through the vent as it should. If this doesn't happen, probably the air is leaking which leads to suboptimal functionality.

Broken pump

The condensation pump is a device located below the cooling coil. The function of the pump is to drain out water thoroughly so that leakage is prevented. When the pump is broken or is malfunctioning because of the accumulation of dust and dirt, it results in water dripping — a clear indication that the pump is not working properly.

Faulty installation

If the air conditioning unit is not installed properly, it could be a major reason for water leaking. While you get the aircon installed, make sure that the front part is cooler than the rear part. By ensuring this, the water will be drained properly so that it will not leak.

One way to ensure that installation is done right is by having a well trained service professional install the AC. To make sure that TCL air conditioners deliver flawless performance for a very long time, we recommend that you get your TCL air conditioners installed by AUTHORISED TCL servicemen only. 

Poor maintenance

Not maintaining the air conditioner is a surefire way to see problems. One needs to ensure the unit is cleaned often. It also helps to check if the evaporator coil is working properly and ensure it is not in the early stages of rusting. If not done regularly, the problems of an aircon leaking water might come to plague you more often.

Clogged condensation line

An air conditioner sucks humid and warm air from indoors and blows it over frozen pipes. The coils are colder than the air because it is filled with cold refrigerant. The vapor of moisture that is in the air condenses on the cold coil and becomes liquid water. Unless the water does not get collected and drained off properly, it causes the aircon drip.

A drain line lets the flow of water accumulate in the aircon. The drain line causes the water to pass without dripping outside. If you see the drip pan is full or overflowing, it is a cause of concern. Furthermore, if the area is already rusted, it is serious and you should seek professional help urgently.

How can Leaking be fixed in an Air Conditioner?

Depending on the cause of the leaks, the solution could be one of the below:

-       Replacing or regularly cleaning filters
-       Regularly cleaning for clogged drains
-       Scheduling maintenance and servicing
-       Proper Installation by well trained authorised service engineers

TCL has more than 1000 in house service engineers available across 475 locations in the country. These professionals are trained to fix all problems of your air conditioner. Call on 1800-102-0622  between 10am-7pm, Monday- Saturday. 


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