How to Choose a TV with the Best Sound Quality?


Tips 2021-08-06

It is said that half of the enjoyment that you derive from your TV is through its audio. Though picture quality or visual experience is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying a new smart TV, the sound quality is yet another important dynamic to look at. Modern TVs do have decent bass and deliver clear and intelligible dialogue. The TV makers these days are putting in a lot of effort in making products that offer the best sound quality. Listening with a poor quality speaker system is like drinking champagne from a Styrofoam cup.


Most people tend to invest huge amounts in soundbars and sound systems to ensure that they enjoy the best audio experience. But then that means an extra investment of time and money too. Thus the best alternative is to opt for a TV that offers an immersive audio experience.


The TCL C825 offers a superb sound system. It comes ready to rock and roll straight out of the box. There is no work required on your part to enhance the sound quality. The makers at TCL understand the importance of having a good sound system along with the visual experience. The TCL C825 offers the customers the best in class audio and video experience as well. Whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster or simply an episode of daily soap this TV will ensure that whatever you are watching sounds good.


What to Look Out For:


The following properties determine the sound quality of television and might help you decide to choose the best one.


i) Sound: One of the most important things to look for while choosing a TV with the best sound quality is to look for the sound power of its speaker/s. The power of the speaker is expressed in terms of watts. The higher the watt the better is the sound quality. The TCL C825 comes with powerful 30w sound output along with a 30w subwoofer. This means that the audience can enjoy a clearer voice even at a high volume.


ii) The number of Built-in Speakers: The next thing to look for is the number of speakers that are used in the TV. Usually, a TV uses dual speakers with an average power of 10w each, but with the TCL C825, the case is very different. It uses 2- 15w speakers to provide massive 30w sound output along with a high quality subwoofer.


iii) Audio Return Channel: Audio return channel is yet another major thing that determines the sound quality of the TV. The TCL C825 features eARC that stands for Enhancing Audio Return Channel. eARC's maximum transmission rate can reach 37Mbps. With the eARC even the full resolution sound signals can be transmitted back and forth between the TV and audio system.


iv) Dolby ATMOS: Dolby ATMOS is one of the major formats that provide a cinematic experience at home. Dolby ATMOS uses audio compression technologies that create a surround sound effect that is quite similar to cinemas at home. ATMOS is capable of producing higher quality sound even at a lower bit rate. The TCL C825 supports Dolby ATMOS which not only allows you to enjoy breathtaking sound quality but also creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience.


v) DTS HD: The DTS is known to enhance the clarity of the bass enhancement, virtual surround sound and vocal enhancement. TCL adopted the advanced DTS post-processing technology. This true zero compressed audio decoding format created a rich acoustic field that replicated the sound of live recording at studios.


vi) ONKYO Speakers: If a TV sports ONKYO certified speakers this acts as a cherry on the cake for the sound quality. The TCL C825 features ONKYO certified audio hardware which means you get hi-fi sound quality with clarity.


The Bottom Line:


If you prefer to upgrade to a Mini LED then one of the best TVs for sound quality is the TCL C825. With promising audio and video quality as well the TCL C825 is the undisputed audio champ. The built-in speakers with the subwoofer have a well-balanced sound profile with clear dialogue, and they get nice and loud. The bass is also excellent and produces a clear and crisp sound. The frequency response is also simply awesome with no distortion. 



Tips 2021-08-06