Best 4K HDR Content to Binge Watch during Holiday Season

TCL India·2021-12-08

TCL India·2021-12-08

Just imagine a situation where you are simply sitting and relaxing at home after a long day of work and you really wish to view some eye-catching content or you are simply seeking a small break and an enjoyable session during the holiday season to take your mind off things on some of your favourite OTT content. Thankfully, if you have a TCL 4K HDR TV along with a subscription to some of the best streaming services then both of these coupled together can add more happiness and joy to your holiday season. 


Now you must be wondering as to why are we emphasising so much upon HDR and why should you care about HDR? HDR (High Dynamic Range) is amongst the latest TV technologies that give your videos and your TV viewing experience and extra oomph. The increased dynamic range over the SDR delivers more colours, better contrast along a more nuanced palette. Most of the online streaming services have innumerable HDR content and some of them even support a dynamic HDR format

Although having an HDR TV isn’t a must to enjoy a movie at home, however, owning one of the best 4K HDR TVs from TCL could simply make a huge difference to the visuals making your movie experience even more cinematic at home. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best picks from popular online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and more that will certainly make your holiday season more enjoyable. It’s worth mentioning that owning a TCL 4K HDR TV along with some premium subscriptions will allow you to witness the difference. If these two needs are met then there’s nothing stopping you from diving into a completely new world of entertainment. 


List of Best 4K HDR Content to Binge Watch


1. Formula One: Drive to Survive


Available in 4K on Netflix the series is now into its third season. This beautifully shot behind the scenes show takes racing fans into the pit lane and well beyond. Follow the teams and the drivers as they head from race to race in the world's most expensive travelling circus. This appropriately high-budget production between Formula One and Netflix offers a fascinating insight into the characters and workings of this sport. It's even dramatic and entertaining enough to be enjoyed by petrolheads and regular punters alike.

2. The Umbrella Academy


The Umbrella is a really interesting conversion of a comic book. The show has been pictured in a way that it looks great and glossy on a TCL 4K HDR TV. The surreal kind of sets and costumes makes it look even more fascinating. Let your TCL TV do the magic by picking up lots of lovely dark detail. Available on Netflix in 4K enjoy the series along with your gang during the upcoming holiday season. 



3. The Mandalorian


Created by Jon Favreau this is the series that has helped Disney+ Plus Hotstar gain unmatched attention. Two seasons deep the series is still going strong and the viewers wait eagerly for the upcoming seasons. Join the bounty hunter protagonist and his diminutive force to explore the Star Wars universe in 4K resolution. Viewing this fascinating series on a TCL 4K HDR TV featuring the latest specifications can be a different experience altogether. 



4. Absentia


Into the third season with 30 episodes this white-knuckle thriller keeps the viewers engaged throughout. The protagonist is an FBI agent Emily Byrne and one day she goes missing, The story revolves around what happens with her during those six years that has changed her completely. The once-respected agent is now declared dead in absentia while tracking a notorious criminal. Byrne struggles to define herself as a mother and survivor of years of torture, trying to rebuild a relationship with a son who's being raised by her husband's new wife. She even enlists the help of a police detective to investigate her history, but that goes to dark places fairly quickly. Available on Prime Video in 4K the show will keep you on the edge of the seat throughout. 



5. Locke & Key


How about a supernatural horror drama? Locke & Key was developed by Carlton Cuse (Lost) and is based on the comic book series of the same name by Joe Hill alongside Gabriel Rodriguez. It follows three siblings who, after the murder of their father, move to their ancestral home – a remote, taxidermy-filled mansion with particularly, lovely floor tiles. The Lockes' dwelling, conveniently titled Key House, houses magical keys that whisper to them and offer bizarre capabilities. But that's not all that's awry here – echoes in wells shouldn't be answering back, after all. If you think you're ready to see a 10-year old boy put a key into a keyhole on the nape of his neck, watch on. This 4K HDR supported show is now available on Netflix for the viewers to enjoy the thrill. 



Bravo!! Now that you know how HDR can change your viewing experience then don’t wait just get home a brand new TCL 4K HDR TV and enjoy the very best content with those pictures shine their brightest, the audio richer and more involving than ever and your whole experience the most luxurious and immersive it can be.

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TCL India·2021-12-08

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