Don’t know what happens during your AC maintenance? A simple 7 point Checklist.


Tips 2021-05-06

Thinking of all those ice creams you can eat in Summer?

What about those cool, breezy summer clothes you will wear?

Or the summer vacation you are planning?

Have you given a thought to your AC maintenance?

With Summers approaching, its best to get your AC summer ready with scheduled service and maintenance. After all, no one wants to be stuck with a poorly performing or non performing AC when the temperature of 40 degree celsius outside.

Is Maintenance important?

Think of it this way.

What happens when you don’t exercise and keep eating unhealthy food? Your body and mind are being continuously used to perform daily tasks but you aren’t doing much to maintain it. Eventually, there will be a breakdown from exhaustion.

It's the same with any machine, including an air conditioner. There are several benefits of scheduling regular AC maintenance.

-       Increases durability of the unit
-       Reduces monthly energy bills
-       Helps the air conditioner perform efficiently
-       Saves money by identifying faulty components during inspection
-       Ensures clean air with filter cleaning
-       Prevents corrosion of coils

When should I schedule AC maintenance?

For an efficient running of the air conditioner, TCL experts recommend at least 2 service and maintenance sessions every year. Preferably, one right before summer as the AC wouldn't have been used during the cool winter months. Some parts may need oiling , others may need cleaning.

How do I schedule or request for servicing of my TCL air conditioner?

TCL understands the importance of regular maintenance and servicing. And therefore, we have made it very simple and easy for our consumers to schedule maintenance. There are 3 ways you can do it.

1.    Visit TCL and submit a request for maintenance
2.    Download the TCL home app. Submit for a maintenance request on the App. This can be done in 10 seconds
3.    Call on our customer service number , 1800-419-0622, Mon- Sun, 10am- 10pm.

What Happens during a maintenance visit?

●     Coil Cleaning : Evaporator and Condenser coils are cleaned to ensure efficient air flow
●     Filter Cleaning: Clean the filter for cool and fresh air flow.
●     Clean Fins: Fins are cleaned to increase performance and efficiency of the unit
●     Airflow Check: Airflow is checked to ensure room is cooling as per AC capacity and no humidity or heat is obstructing performance
●     Check for leaks: Leaks , both outside and inside the unit are checked
●     Check for unusual noise or vibration

Can I do the Maintenance check myself?

Simple tasks like cleaning the AC unit from outside can be done at home. But we would not advise you to do the maintenance yourself as tasks like cleaning coils,checking on leaks, can only be done by well trained service professionals.



Tips 2021-05-06
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