How Does the Game Master Enhance Your Gaming Experience?

TCL India·2021-12-21

TCL India·2021-12-21

If you are an active gamer you must have certainly come across situations when you try to play a video game on your TV and it just feels wrong. There must have been times when your button presses aren’t responsive enough and just before you realize the fact you are starting a game over screen. TCL proudly introduces you to the game master technology that allows you to enjoy next-level gaming and experience an elevated action technology. The game master technology coupled with advanced display, immersive audio, smoother streaming and moreover a powerful processor makes TCL TVs the best choice to play Call of Duty Vanguard. Play the global combat of COD Vanguard with amazing visual technology and game master to experience the first person COD Vanguard game with TCL TV differently. The game master feature is available on most of the TCL 4K QLED TVs delivering premium entertainment experiences.


The game master processes brighter colours more effectively and precisely. The low input lag between the controller and the TV is also very important gaming and the game master automatically switches off the video processing to speed up the gameplay. For better speed and visuals, the game master can change quickly from dim to bright and allows you not to miss anything in fast-paced gameplay like that of the Call of Duty: Vanguard. Call of Duty Vanguard game is now available on TCL TVs so enjoy the next level gaming with the game master that focuses on four key areas and enhances your experience of playing COD Vanguard on TCL TV

TCL COD Gaming tv c825


- Colour: The picture settings of the TCL 4K QLED TV is carefully adjusted to deliver precise, accurate and bright colours.


- Clarity: The TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV is designed to reduce judder and smear that keeps the picture crisp whereas the Mini LED display improves backlighting and makes the moving objects look better.


- Speed: The TCL 4K QLED TV comes with a 120Hz of refresh rate making it an ideal choice for playing online multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Vanguard. The higher the refresh rate the better it is for gaming because more frames per second means motion will look smoother without blur.


- Input Lag: Low latency ensures that the image and the controllers are in sync and the player can see and react to action without any lags while playing the COD Vanguard on TCL TV.


One of the most important things that one should remember as a gamer is to build a unique experience around themselves. Apart from having the latest console, one should also have a TV that is specially designed for gaming like the TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV. The TCL Game Master can enhance your gaming experience by turning off the video processing on the TV for smoother visuals. Accompanied by powerful speakers that are designed for greater and better sound optimization allows you to enjoy an upgraded experience while playing the COD Vanguard on TCL TV. 

C824 Gaming tv


What Makes TCL TVs Perfect to Play Call of Duty Vanguard?


Experience the first person COD Vanguard game with TCL TV featuring 4K QLED display and stunning audio. TCL the official partner of Call of Duty Vanguard has extended its relationship with Activision the publisher of COD Vanguard. Primed to deliver a stunning range of gameplay experiences TCL uses key channels and touchpoints to offer an unrivalled and immersive gaming experience all thanks to its award-winning 4K QLED TVs featuring the best in class display and audio technology. A perfect blend of Mini LED, QLED and 4K resolution with HDMI 2.1 the TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV provides powerful and smooth imagery performance that satisfies the demands of the gamers while they play COD Vanguard on TCL TV. Along with this, the TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV also features a refresh rate of 120Hz, reduced colour trailing, blurring and judder. The presence of advanced gaming features like VRR, ALLM and eARC delivers an excellent and enhanced audiovisual experience to play games like COD Vanguard.


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TCL India·2021-12-21

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