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Introduce the TCL 4k gaming TV C635 series




TCL has made a name for itself in the TV world. They're best known for their budget-friendly models that offer great value. Their latest release is the TCL C635 series, and it's one of their best yet. Recently, the 55-inch C635 won the EISA BEST BUY LCD TV award.  In this article, we'll take a look at what makes this particular TV so special and why you should consider buying one for your gaming setup!


TCL has made its name in the TV world 


TCL is a Chinese electronics company. It has been in the TV business since 2002, when it first started making TVs in partnership with Thomson. Since then, TCL has brought some of the most advanced features to TVs, such as Real 4K  resolution, QLED  displays, HDR technology, Google TV,etc.


It's no wonder that TCL is one of the most successful companies in China because TCL has invested heavily in research and development (R&D) over the years. TCL has been able to bring some very innovative technologies to the market which are now available throughout its entire product line, including home appliances, tablets, and smart phones!


Features for the picture and sound quality


In the quality of image and sound, what are the best features of this gaming TV?


Advanced picture quality




With its 4K resolution, this TCL C635 Series television provides a sharp picture that makes it easy to see small details.


4K quality is one of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a new TV. It is not just about the number of pixels on the screen, it is also about how well they look and how much detail they bring to your viewing experience.


The higher the resolution, the more you can see during gaming or watching movies. So, if you want a clear picture with amazing details and colors, then 4K is for you!


4K resolution means 3840x2160 pixels per second: that’s 8 million pixels per second! The result is a great visual experience with crystal clear details that make every image look even better than life itself.


The contrast ratio produces deep blacks with rich shades for an immersive viewing experience.




This TV comes with Dolby Vision IQ technology. Dolby Vision IQ is a new technology that enhances the quality of the image and sound. It is a feature that adjusts itself to the lighting conditions of your room, so you can get the best quality according to the brightness of your room. Dolby Vision IQ also optimizes your visual experience while playing games at any type of brightness. This feature allows you to enjoy movies and games with more detail, contrast, and color than other TVs on the market today. It provides enhanced contrast, sharpness, and color for gaming as well as all other content types on your TV. including movies, sports, and other programming. And it also enhances brightness, so you can see every detail clearly from any distance in any room.


High Dynamic Range 10+


High Dynamic Range 10+ (HDR10+) is a dynamic range and color standard developed by the UHD alliance. As of 2020, all HDR standards are being superseded by new technologies like HDR10+, which offer better contrast levels, brightness, and color gamut for superior picture quality. Mostly all the content currently available on streaming services will be upgraded to this new standard in the coming years, so it's important that you get yourself one of these TVs if you want to be able to enjoy them at their full potential!


Say Bye-bye to Stuttering and Screen Tearing


120Hz DLG (Dual Line Gate) and MEMC 120Hz refresh rate


The TCL C635 series has 120Hz DLG (Dual Line Gate) technology. DLG allows the TV to adjust its refresh rate depending on what content you're watching. This means you can enjoy stutter-free gaming and smooth motion without having to suffer from screen tearing and input lag issues!


It works with HDMI 2.1 inputs and provides an ultra-smooth gaming experience. The TV also has a native 120Hz panel with an auto game mode that synchronizes the screen's audio and visual performance, so you can have a seamless and immersive gaming experience.


The C635 series also has a 120Hz[1] [2]  native panel refresh rate, which means that the picture is refreshed 120 times per second. This too optimizes gaming performance for smoother gameplay and less motion blur.


FreeSync Premium


You might have heard about FreeSync but not know what it is. FreeSync is a technology that eliminates screen tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the refresh rate of your monitor with the frame rate of your content.


FreeSync works by syncing up your graphics card’s frame rate with the refresh rate of your monitor. This means that when you play games on a FreeSync-enabled panel, there’s no more screen tearing or stuttering, giving you an overall smoother experience.


Hear the Footsteps of Your Enemies


The C635 series is equipped with ONKYO and Dolby Atmos, enhancing the audio experience to the next level.


Onkyo brings immersive surround sound technology into home cinemas through its high-performance speakers coupled with its proprietary DSP (Digital Sound Processor) technology for completely natural sound reproduction. In addition, ONKYO has developed an original amplifier design that delivers powerful sound from compact speakers even at low volumes for effortless listening enjoyment regardless of if you're playing video games on your console systems such as Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.


Dolby Atmos is a surround sound system that creates a unique, immersive audio experience. Dolby Atmos surrounds you with sounds from above as well as from all sides—even behind! It is ideal for gaming because of its object-based, multi-dimensional format, which offers the most authentic and lifelike sound conceivable. It's also among the best strategies to advance your gaming experience.


The true game master features


The TCL C635 series also includes a number of pre-set picture modes that are optimized for different types of content, including "Game Mode," "ALLM Mode," and more.


Game Master:

This feature allows you to adjust settings specifically for gaming so that your game can look its best! It helps optimize dark scenes so you can see better in dark areas, which helps improve your gameplay by using ambient light sensors and adjusting brightness levels depending on where you are playing (indoor/outdoor). This feature also makes sure that nothing distracts you while playing your games, like ads popping up while watching videos online or hearing them talk about something else while they're trying not to pay attention during class; all these things can be turned off when using "Game Mode" on this smart TV!


The Game Bar is the hub of gaming. It allows you to adjust settings, change display modes, and more. Game Bar is a feature that allows you to take screenshots, broadcast your gameplay on YouTube or Twitch, or even record video clips of your gameplay on YouTube/Twitch.


The ALLM (Automatic Low Input Latency Mode) [1] [2] reduces input latency so that when you move your mouse or controller, it registers in real-time on the screen. And if you want a little extra speed, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) Mode can dynamically switch between[3] [4]  48~144Hz, mainly to keep it the same as the input signal to avoid screen tearing caused by different refresh rates.


The C635 series also comes with an auto-game mode that automatically detects what kind of content you're watching or playing so that you can customize the TV’s picture quality to suit specific games. Using Game Mode, you can optimize the experience for games such as Overwatch and Fortnite.


Hands-Free Voice Control


With built-in microphones in each speaker bar, you get hands-free voice control right out of the box, so you can use simple commands such as "Hey Google" to change channels, turn up the volume or search for shows on Netflix or YouTube. This should come in handy when you're busy killing the monsters in your game.


Beautiful Bezel-less Full Screen and sizes of C635


You can also get a bezel-less full screen with the C635. The bezel-less full screen is a new design that is very popular with gamers. The bezel-less full screen has an ultra-thin frame, and it looks like an OLED TV, but it’s not as expensive as an OLED TV.


The next thing to look at is the screen size. You can get a C635 that is 55 inches, 65 inches, or 75 inches. The bigger the screen size, the more expensive it will be.




The TCL C635 series is an amazing piece of technology that will change the way we view TV forever. With features like Dolby Vision IQ, Game Bar/Game Mode/ALLM, and much more, this TV will be one of the best choices for any gamer. You can come to our local store for a closer look or order it online!


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TCL India·2022-10-12

Tips TCL India·2022-10-12
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