Understanding the Inverter Technology in Air Conditioners and How Does It Help You Save Electricity

TCL India·2021-11-19

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Of all the home appliances, purchasing an air conditioner in India becomes a pain point for many as the electricity bill shoots up post the installation of the AC. Although it isn’t possible to significantly cut down on the impact which ACs cause on the electricity bills but yes it can certainly be mitigated to a large extent by choosing the right air conditioner with the right technology. Doing the right installation, regular maintenance, accurate operation and the right insulation of the room can help you minimize the electricity bill significantly. Not many options were available some years ago in terms of choice of technology. BEE star rating was considered to be the ultimate decider of how much electricity your AC would consume. However, today we have the TCL air conditioners with inverter technology to help you save electricity. TCL inverters ACs are designed in such a way that they help you save up to 60% electricity when compared with a regular air conditioner.


What is Inverter Air Conditioner?


The TCL inverter ACs are intelligently designed to help you save maximum electricity, the AC compressor is made in such a way that they draw power only when needed. The compressor draws the electricity basis the requirement. The compressor draws electricity depending upon the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. Once the temperature set in the thermostat is achieved the compressor shuts down. The compressor restarts when the temperature of the room increases. In other simple terms, we can assume that the inverter takes the charge to remove the fluctuations and other electric wastage. Though TCL inverter ACs adjusts the capacity based on the heat load of the room still on should be aware to install the right sized air conditioner.


How Does An Inverter AC Work?


The TCL inverter ACs work on internal air. The inverter verifies if the compressor is in the off state or On state and then it accordingly works. If the compressor is on then the inverter will work with higher capacity and will consume electricity. However, once the room temperature equals the thermostat temperature the compressor will stop and will then enable the fan to operate and circulate the cooling to the entire room.  When the temperature again starts to increase the compressor will reactivate.


Benefits of Ocarina Inverter ACs


If you are planning to get home one of the best inverter ACs then TCL Ocarina AC should be a perfect pick.  Let us now understand the benefit of having the TCL Ocarina inverter AC:


· Energy Efficient & Economical: One of the major advantages of the Ocarina inverter AC is that it helps you save around 60% of the electricity when compared to a regular AC. Less consumption of electricity means lesser electricity bills.


· 4-Step Air Purification: TCL Ocarina ACs not only provides you with a cooling effect but also takes care of your health. Featuring a 4-step air purification technology the Ocarina AC ensures that you breathe in the fresh air every time.


· Gentle Breeze & Noiseless Operation: One of the significant advantages of owning a TCL Ocarina Ac is you can enjoy a noiseless and uninterrupted sleep. The Ocarina AC is designed to throw gentle breeze without making a loud noise. 

Ocarina AC


· B.I.G. Care: Along with 4-step air purification the Ocarina AC also offers B.I.G Care and UVC sterilization. B.I.G stands for Bipolar Ionic Generator which generates a large volume of plasma and atoms that are capable of damaging and killing the disease-causing germs, viruses and bacteria, while the UVC sterilization ensures complete safety of the air you breathe. 

Ocarina BIG Care


· Uniform Air Distribution: With the 4-way airflow and more than thousands of 2-3mm of micro-holes arranged in an S-shape formation you can be assured of even distribution of the air across the room. No matter in which corner of the room you are sitting you can make your cool moments cooler.


· Smart Connectivity: The next big advantage of the TCL Ocarina Ac is the smart connectivity. You can now control your AC from anywhere and everywhere simply by connecting it with the TCL Home app

TCL Home app


· Other Interesting Benefits: Other interesting and cool features like 60 degree Celsius ambient cooling ensure that your room remains cool irrespective of the temperature outside. An air-cooled e-box provides continuous cooling even at 60 degree Celsius ambient and 100% cooling capacity output at even 50 degree Celsius ambient.  Meanwhile, the shower style cooling creates immersive cooling by showering the breeze down from the cooling. Along with all this, the CleanXpress Innovation helps you clean your AC effortlessly with your hands. Modern aesthetics that goes well along with all kinds of interiors and enhances the beauty of the room is an added advantage. Above all the seamless TCL customer service is the cherry on the cake, offering the customers with the best after-sales service.


The best inverter air conditioners from TCL not only save more electricity but have a number of benefits over normal air conditioners. These give quicker and uniform cooling and adjust to the room temperature automatically and above all unlike the other inverter ACs present in the market the TCL Ocarina AC also ensures that you remain healthy. So think no more and bring home the TCL Ocarina AC right away.


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TCL India·2021-11-19

Tips TCL India·2021-11-19