Is it time to replace or repair your Air Conditioner?



Look for these signs.


Apart from Sunscreens, Sunglasses, lots of ice creams, another must have for summer is your air conditioner.


An Air conditioner that is working, stable and in a good condition. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in the middle of summer with temperatures more than 40 degree celsius and a non working or even a poorly working AC.


But how do you know if you need to replace your air conditioner.


Here are some signs that you should watch out for.


Not Cool Enough


Your AC is on but you don’t feel cool or pleasant. Despite waiting for a long time for the room to cool, you feel no cool air at all. This is usually a sign that there are issues with your AC. Especially if you have recently got it serviced. If issues keep cropping up even after regular service and maintenance, it probably means that the problem runs deeper and that you should consider replacing your air conditioner.


Unusually High Energy Bills


If your usage is more or less the same, then the energy bill should also be around the same amount. But if you suddenly notice that your monthly electricity bills are surging, it probably means some crucial component like a compressor or condenser or refrigerant is malfunctioning. To compensate for the broken component, your air conditioner is working harder to cool the room and hence the high energy bills.



If your air conditioner is new, schedule a service immediately. But if its more than 8-10 years old, consider replacing it. Buying a new air conditioner will reduce your utility bills.


More than regular servicing


Regular maintenance and service of your air conditioner is recommended. But if you notice that you are calling for repairs more than 5-6 times a year, then there is a problem. You are spending time and also more money getting your air conditioners repaired so many times.Again, if your air conditioner is more than 8-10 years old, its time to think about purchasing a new one.


Its important that you get your air conditioner installed by a professional when you buy one.

TCL provides you with well trained in house service men to install and service your AC. Whats more, you also get TWO FREE services within 12 months of installation.


Too Humid


Some amount of humidity is normal when you use an air conditioner. But if you find the room very humid and uncomfortable , despite the air conditioner working, then its time to get all the components checked by a trainer service engineer. Your refrigerant could be leaking. Air being very humid is also not a healthy environment for you to be in.


Very Noisy


Do you feel your air conditioner is making more noise than usual? Is there too much vibration or a lot of grinding or lot of squeaky noise coming from your air conditioner? While some noise is normal, a lot of it with increasing intensity is usually a sign calling for repair or replacement.


Bad Smell


An Air Conditioner is fitted with filters to ensure clean air.


TCL air conditioners, for example, are fitted with Vitamin C Filter and Silver ions which block harmful bacteria, fungi and even dust to ensure you breathe clean air.


When the air inside your room smells of a burn or smoke or something rotten, then please call for immediate service.


Small problems may be covered in your warranty. TCL provides 1 year comprehensive,5 year PCB warranty and 10 year compressor warranty on all its SMART Air, iECO Air AI INVERTER ACs. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance and service of your AC. If your air conditioner is more than 8-10 years old and has gone through multiple repairs, consider buying a new one. It will not only be efficient but also save you from spending unnecessary money on high energy bills.


For scheduling a repair or maintenance for your TCL air conditioners, call 1800-419-0622. You can register your complaint or raise a request on TCL  or even use the TCL home app to do the same. TCL home app helps you register a request in barely 10 seconds. You can enjoy a host of other benefits too.




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