How To Clean Your Washing Machine In 4 Easy Steps






Whether you're a single person or you have a family, the washing machine is an essential part of your home. You'll want to keep it clean so that it can do its job perfectly. The first step in keeping your washing machine in tip-top shape is to clean it regularly and thoroughly. Luckily, cleaning a washer doesn't take much time or effort—you just need some basic supplies and the right steps to get the job done right!


In this post, we'll walk through how to clean your washing machine in four simple steps:


How to clean a washing machine


Step1: Run a cleaning cycle

  • The first thing you need to do is run a cleaning cycle. The best way to do this is by selecting the appropriate setting on your washing machine's control panel. Many newer machines include a specialized washer cleaning cycle that pre-sets the time, agitation, and water temperature, and all you have to do is add bleach. But if you don't have access to that kind of technology, there are other options available. Pour 1/2 cup of liquid chlorine bleach into the dispenser or fill it to the top and run a regular cycle with hot water. However, the recommended quantity of bleach to use is not universal and may vary based on the type and size of the washing machine. It is best to consult the manual for the correct amount to use.


Step2: Set an extra rinse and spin

  • Next up: set an extra rinse and spin cycle after washing has been completed. Run another rinse and spin after the cleaning cycle is finished to be sure all bleach or particle remains have been thoroughly removed.


Step3: Clean the dispenser drawer

  • Afterward comes the fun part: cleaning out all those little spaces where grime tends to build up over time! Especially the dispenser drawer. Most newer machines have removable dispensers, so remove them, disassemble them, and thoroughly rinse them under hot water. To remove any built-up crud, use a gentle toothbrush. 


Step4: Wipe and dry the rubber seal and drum

  • Last but not least: Wipe and dry the rubber seal and drum: If you have a front loader, wipe the rubber gasket clean and dry thoroughly to prevent mold. In order to speed up the drying process, wipe any moisture off the drum's door, lid, and other surfaces.


Extra tips: 

• It is also recommended to clean the exterior of the washing machine regularly, including the control panel and other surfaces, to keep it looking new and prevent the buildup of grime.

• It is advisable to clean the washing machine after every 5-6 loads or at least once a month to keep it in good working condition.


For more tips on how to wash clothes like a pro, check out our blog! How To Wash Your Clothes To Help Them Last Longer: 8 Easy Tips


If you're shopping for a new washer, TCL washers have the best models available with many features: Auto Dose, Steam Wash, Digital Inverter Motor, Spray Wash, and Drum Clean. These features provide a range of options for users to choose from based on their specific washing needs.


How to Prevent Bad smells


There are a few things you can do to help keep your washing machine smelling fresh, including:

  • Take out clean clothes promptly. If you leave wet laundry in the machine for too long, it will start to smell bad, especially in hot summers.
  • Remove any debris or pet hair from the drum of your washer after each load. Getting rid of these things helps prevent gunk from building up inside the tub and causing odors over time.
  • Dry off any excess water around the rubber gasket before putting away your machine for storage or travel purposes--this will help keep mildew at bay!
  • Clean controls and dispenser regularly with warm water mixed with baking soda (or white vinegar) as needed; wipe dry afterward with paper towels if possible so nothing gets stuck behind buttons while they're not being used during future cycles. And it is important to use only a small amount of baking soda or white vinegar to clean the controls and dispenser, as using too much can damage the surfaces.




So, now you have a better understanding of how to clean your washing machine. We hope that you've found this article useful and that you're ready to start cleaning! If there are any questions we can answer, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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