What is PCB: The Advantages of Using It in AC






PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, a flat, thin piece of plastic that has electronic components built into it. The use of PCBs has been increasing significantly over the past decade and has become an important part of all types of industries, such as the Air conditioner industry. In order to help you better understand the use of PCB in AC and what advantages it brings to users, this article will share with you more details about what it is and how it works.


What is PCB in AC?


A PCB is a power supply circuit that can be used to provide AC power. A PCB’s job is to convert the AC voltage coming through your wall outlet into DC voltage that can be used by your devices and appliances. This process also helps reduce energy consumption by reducing losses in the conversion process. There are three main parts to a PCB: the input, rectifier and output. 


The input is where you plug in your AC power cord from your wall outlet. This converts the AC voltage coming from the outlet into DC voltage that can be used by devices and appliances. 


The rectifier converts the DC voltage coming from the input into pulsating DC voltage that can be used by your devices and appliances. 


The output is where you plug in your AC power cord from your devices and appliances. This converts pulsating DC voltage back into AC voltage so it can be used by your devices and appliances.




You may have heard the terms "PCB" and "PCBA," but what do they mean? Here are some differences:

  • A PCB is the main part of an electronic device, whereas a PCBA is a printed circuit board assembly. In other words, it's the full unit after it has been built into something. It's made up of semiconductor material (mostly silicon), whereas a PCBA is made of metal and plastic. A PCB can be thought of as a single chip inside its case with components placed on top of it; a PCBA would be multiple chips with all their required parts attached together (like the screen, processor and battery).
  • A PCBA is more complex than PCBs because it has more components inside its case (the screen, processor, and battery) that require assembly into one piece before being put together in order to work properly. For example: if you have ever taken apart an old phone or tablet computer then you know there's a lot going on inside those gadgets!


The Advantages of Using PCB in AC?

  • Lower Price. Since PCBs have a lower cost, they allow for the production of numerous circuit boards without incurring high expenditures.
  • Re-workable. PCB is a highly re-workable circuit board. If you make any mistakes while designing your PCB, then it can be easily modified by using a hot air rework station.
  • Widely available. PCB has been widely available for many years and this increases its popularity among users who want to try out new designs without worrying about availability issues.
  • Excellent shelf life. The board has a lengthy shelf life that may last up to 10 years.
  • Low electronic noise. On a PCB, electronic components are arranged with the least possible distance between them. This significantly reduces electrical noise.
  • Compact size. A simple PCB can accommodate numerous small components. These components are connected using copper rails rather than traditional wires. In consequence, the number of components linked can be in the hundreds without worrying about the size of the circuit board. Compactness enables the creation of complex electronic circuits without requiring much space.




We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of what PCB is and how it can be used to improve the quality of your air conditioner. 


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