Amazing Hacks to Keep Your Washing Machine Smell Fresh

TCL India·2022-01-28

Tips TCL India·2022-01-28

So now that you are done with the first part of your chore that is separating and organizing your laundry. Thus you will now want to check those tasks off your chore list, but what if you suddenly notice that nauseating stench. And you find out that the foul odour emanating from your laundry room is coming from your washing machine. Uh-oh. That’s not good news at all. Luckily, getting your best washing machine from TCL in top shape isn’t too difficult with the right hacks. If you’ve had the misfortune of opening your washing machine only to think, “My washing machine stinks,” you’re not alone. Here’s how to get rid of that foul washing machine smell for good. Even if you have the best washing machine you are bound to face this problem if you do not take proper care of your washing machine.


Why Does Washing Machine Smell?


Any place or thing exposed to constant moisture and wetness is bound to develop an unwanted smell if you aren’t careful. Mould and mildew grow easily in damp areas with low light and where stagnant water can build up. If you have a front-loader, using the wrong soaps leads to improper cleaning of clothes and the washing machine drum as well. This allows a layer of soap scum to build up and become a breeding ground for bacteria and if this layer gets deposited under the door and the gasket of your best washing machine it would lead to the emission of a foul smell. Strong smells are also a sign of poor drainage or an indication of some blockage in the drain tube. Fixing the drain might take care of most of the smell but still one needs to clean and rinse the TCL washing machine to knock out the smell completely. 


Ways to Get Rid of Smells from TCL Washing Machine 


These simple hacks will not only eliminate the foul smell but will also enhance the performance of your TCL washing machine for higher efficiency.


High-Efficiency Front Load Washing Machine


After you have checked your soap, it’s time to clean out the drum. For this particular hack, you’ll need:

· 1/4 cup of baking soda.

· 1/4 cup of water.

· 2 cups of white vinegar.

            1. Mix the water and baking soda to form a slight liquid.

            2. Open the detergent container and pour the mixture inside.

            3. Pour the vinegar directly into the drum of your washer.

            4. Run an empty cycle on high heat and repeat until the odour is gone.

            5. Scrub any stubborn spots with a household sponge to get a sparkling machine. 

Front Load washing machine


You’ll also need to check the gasket of your washing machine to be ensure that nothing is trapped in between that might lead to mould growth. For this part, you’ll need:

· Equal parts white vinegar and water.

· Household sponge or scrub brush.

           1.  Check the gasket to see if anything is stuck and remove it if so.

          2. Peel back the rubber pieces to see if any mould or mildew is growing and wipe it clean using the vinegar and water mixture.

          3. Allow it to dry before running a new cycle of clothing.

          4. Every few cycles, wipe down the gasket to discourage mould and bacteria growth.

          5. When you’re done with laundry, for the time being, allow the door to remain open so that the drum and gasket can fully dry between cycles.


Top-Load Washing Machines

Top load washing machines


Top-load washing machines can also get smelly if you aren’t careful with your laundry process. The best thing to do is to keep the top open to allow it to dry completely between cycles and check the drainage to ensure nothing is blocking it. You can also deodorize and clean the drum of the best top load washing machines using a similar method as mentioned above. If you have the option to auto-clean the drum, like what’s found on TCL washing machines, follow the instructions to make sure that happens.


Keeping Your Clothing Fresh


You can also help cut down on odours with the way you wash your clothing. Here are some interesting tips to ensure your clothes don’t smell.

Washing machine


· Remove Wet Clothing Promptly


When you allow clothing to sit in your TCL washing machine, it mildews, causing smells in the washer’s drum. Get those out and allow the drum to dry between laundry days.


· Wash Clothing Inside Out


If your clothing doesn’t have significant stains, washing them inside out can help water and soap reach oils and sweat from where clothing comes in contact with your body. This reduces odours on both your clothing and allows it to cycle freely away from your washing machine.


· Use Lemon Essential Oil


The presence of citrus in the essential oil can help break down the oils from clothing and reduce the occurrence of soap scum. Use a few drops for the TCL top-load washing machine and just one or two drops for your front load washing machine for the best performance.


· Use the Right Kind of Detergent


You know that not using enough detergent doesn’t get your clothing clean, but using too much can also interfere with your washer’s ability to clean. Too much detergent affects the water’s viscosity, causing it to stagnate and potentially leave films on the drum and your clothing.


· Keep Doors Open


We can’t stress this enough. Allow the doors of your TCL washing machines to remain open between loads and between laundry days so that your machine can dry more quickly. The less moisture you have sitting on your washing machine, the less likely you are to develop an issue with mould.


· Don’t Use Bleach


Use of bleach to clean your TCL washing machine should be avoided. Chlorine bleach is great for sanitizing surfaces and getting whites whiter, but it can be hard on the machinery. When you’re getting rid of odours, stick to baking soda and white vinegar for a gentler approach. Do not try mixing bleach and vinegar for the best results.


Keeping Smells at Bay


The biggest thing you can do to keep smells from making laundry awful is to avoid letting dampness and moisture build-up in your TCL washing machines. Even a clean surface can grow mould and mildew if it’s never allowed to dry out. Just keeping the door open between loads and cycles can be of great help in cutting down on that moisture. The next important thing is to be careful is about the type of laundry soap you use and how much. Make sure you always use a soap designed for front load washing machine. Even with TCL top load washing machines,, check the recommended amounts and follow the measurement instructions. Your clothes will get cleaner; your washing machine will stay fresh — and no more gross washing machine smells.


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TCL India·2022-01-28

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