7 Facts You Might Not Know About Real 4K

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TV technology has just been getting better over the years and the quality of the images that we see on our screens has also seen great improvement at an incredible speed. The resolution of the goggle-box has kept on evolving ever since the early 2000s when the flat-screen HD TVs started gaining popularity. Nowadays, the picture quality of the TV sets we gaze at is nothing short of brilliant and we can expect more innovations to land in our living rooms in the coming years. Currently, the world is going gaga over TCL Mini LED technology in 4K resolution. However, many of us fail to understand what “Real 4K” is. TCL 4K UHD Android TVs with the Mini LED technology is not quite ubiquitous and only some of the leading brands have such amazing technology.


4K resolution refers to the mainstream television picture technology, though there are higher resolutions available in the market as of now it is the 4K that is dominating the television industry. The very first commercially available 4K with Mini LED was the TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV. Most of the TCL 4K TVs are capable of upscaling which means the TVs can automatically convert the lower resolution videos to 4K for better clarity and visuals.


Exciting Facts You Might Not Know About Real 4K


4K Tvs


1. Why is it Called the 4K?


The name 4K resolution evolved because of the number of pixels used to display on-screen pictures. To understand in detail one should know that 4K images are around 4096 pixels across and 2160 down, when multiplied together this roughly adds up to an immense 8.3 million pixels!! This is almost double of what traditionally we have been viewing on 2K resolution TVs and constitutes a 100% improvement in picture quality. You would be surprised to know that back when 1080 pixel resolution was more prevalent it was named basis the height of the image rather than the width. So if you even come across the term 2160p resolution you should know that it actually refers to the 1080p picture quality by its width.


2. Real 4K Vs Fake 4K


We often might have heard technical people talking about the term “Real 4K” but aren’t actually able to understand what it means. Well, Real 4K is just a 4K resolution picture or a resolution of 4096 x 2160. But the term is used to differentiate between 4K and Ultra HD (UHD). Most people often use these two terms interchangeably whereas the reality is that 4K is higher resolution than UHD. So next time you are out to shop for a new TV ensure that the 4K TV you got your eye on is actually the correct resolution. If you take home a TCL 4K TV you can rest be assured that you will be enjoying a Real 4K experience and wouldn’t be cheated by UHD.


3. What is the Smallest 4K TV Size?


The market is full of small-screen TVs that are as small as 24-inch featuring smart technology and high picture quality and though these are awfully impressive for their compact size yet, they lack 4K resolution. Any TV under 40-inches simply won’t be available in 4K resolution. But to experience the best audiovisual effects at home one should go for products like the 43-inch TCL 4K UHD Android TV. There might be a case that on smaller screen TVs you won’t be able to tell the picture is lower resolution unless you sit too close to the screen. One would easily be able to spot the viewing difference between a real TCL 4K UHD Android TV and TVs with smaller screens. 


4. What Kind of Cables are Needed for 4K?


It isn’t just enough to have a 4K TV. If one wants to enjoy relevant content on a 4K resolution screen then one must certainly have the right kind of cables to support it. If not the latest HDMI one should at least have a high-speed HDMI cable like HDMI 1.4. The HDMI cables are designed particularly to support video resolutions up to 4K with better colours and brightness. If you further wish to enhance the quality of your 4K content then the latest HDMI cable known as HDMI 2.1 is the best choice. HDMI 2.1 cable supports a faster refresh rate and has much higher bandwidth as compared to its predecessors. The TCL 4K Mini LED TV with HDMI 2.1 offers an optimum viewing experience.


5. What is the Best Sitting Distance from a 4K Screen?


Sitting distance is critical for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost is that distance can make a huge difference in your perception of picture quality. And the next big reason is that sitting too close to your TV screen can become a cause of eye strain and headaches thereby impacting your viewing experience. However, when it comes to a TCL 4K QLED TV sitting too far away might not allow you to enjoy everything that 4K has to offer. Thus one must try consulting a sitting distance calculator that will help you find the optimum sitting distance basis the screen size.


6.  Understanding the Concept of Upscaling


upscalling 4K UHD TV's


It refers to the process of upgrading a video content of lower resolution to 4K resolution or put simply it means to take a picture or video that contains fewer pixels and adapt it to a 4K screen. Most of the TVs with the latest technology like that of TCL 4K Mini LED offer upscaling facility.


7. Is it Worth Investing in a Real 4K TV?


With the easy availability of 4K TVs in the market the prices are also becoming increasingly affordable and with most of the content creators switching to 4K content buying a new 4K TV is certainly worth the buy. Also if you wish to enjoy a realistic gaming experience, movies and TV shows then you must definitely consider buying the TCL 4K UHD Android TV.


The Concluding Words


4K allows the viewers to experience immensely detailed, high quality 4K films and TV shows. 4K televisions and the whole world of 4K content have become exciting and easily accessible. However, with so much confusion around what “Real 4K” and Mini LED is and how one can make the best use of TCL 4K UHD Android TV there’s still a lot that people aren’t aware of about this advanced audiovisual technology.


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TCL India·2021-12-30

Tips TCL India·2021-12-30