5-Step Air Purification Technology in Air Conditioners that Doubles Up As Air Purifier

TCL India·2022-02-21

Tips TCL India·2022-02-21

Come summers and most of us start cranking up the air conditioner at home and offices. With most of us spending 90% of our time indoors be it in the office, home or school it becomes important to ensure that the air we breathe indoors is clean. The new range of TCL air conditioners aren’t just ACs but act like air purifiers, all thanks to the 5-step air purification technology. In recent times we have seen a significant rise in the level of dust particles in the air across the globe. These fine particles can be linked to respiratory diseases, especially amongst the vulnerable population including children and the elderly. In order to provide a healthier environment for the indoor atmosphere, some of the best air conditioners from TCL come up with the all-new 5-step air purification technology. Let’s dive in deep and understand this new technology that makes TCL air conditioners the best inverter air conditioners and allow them to work like the air purifiers as well.


Understanding the 5-Step Air Purification Technology


While searching for the best air conditioner or while going through any air conditioner buying guide most of us might have often come across the term 5-step air purification. However, many of us still remain unaware of these purification methods and their benefits. Here is a quick glimpse of 5-step purification technology featured in the best inverter air conditioners from TCL. 


Best Air Conditioners Filters Out Dust Particles


The very first stage out of the 5 step air purification technology of the TCL T-Pro air conditioner is eliminating the dust particles from the air. The smaller dust particles are said to be more capable of being absorbed by the lungs and the blood. These dust particles can cause health hazards like asthma, allergy and more. Thus the dust filter of the TCL T-Pro which is said to be the best inverter AC ensures that you do not inhale these nasty dust particles and filter them out.


UVC Sterilization for Maximum Protection


With the rising threat of pollution and aggravating air condition, clean and healthy air has become a necessity. TCL realized this need of the consumers and introduced the T-Pro range of air conditioners with UVC Sterilization. This allows the users to breathe in healthy and virus-free air. The UVC sterilization technology eliminates disease-causing bacteria and viruses to deliver clean and healthy air. This one of the best air conditioners feature built-in UVC light, to prevent bacterial growth on the surface of the fan and enables the machine to circulate healthy air for comfortable living. 



Silver Ion Filter for Eliminating Bacteria


Silver is said to have great anti-microbial properties which are quite similar to activated carbon and is capable of creating an allergy and asthma free environment. TCL air conditioner uses the silver ion filter to purify and clean the air. Not only this, silver ion filters in these best inverter ACs impede the growth of microbes such as spores, viruses and fungi. The silver ion filter releases silver ions to sterilize the bacteria. The silver ion filter is also capable of removing pet dander, dust, and pollen from the air thereby delivering breathable, pure air for a comfortable living.


Vitamin C Filter for Ultimate Care


Most of us assume that the indoor air is clean and free from pollutants. But is that the case? Certainly not, at times the indoor air is more polluted than the air outside. Indoor air has more health hazards and can also cause damage to your skin and hair. Wondering so what is the best possible escape? Yes, you got that right it’s the best air conditioner from TCL the T-Pro that comes with a Vitamin C filter. The Vitamin C filter in your top inverter air conditioner acts as a skin saviour. Besides being just a filter it is considered therapy. Vitamin C filled air is a potent antioxidant that nullifies free radicals in the skin, which is the major cause of skin ageing. The Vitamin C filled air revitalizes the skin, reduces ageing and makes your skin soft and better. This filter of the TCL inverter AC mixes Vitamin C in the air conditioner’s airflow ensuring a moisturizing effect on your skin.

TCL Vitamin C filter AC


Dipolar Ion Generator for Killing Germs


Most of us take air conditioning for granted but only a few of us realize that having the best air conditioners with 5-step air purification technology is so useful. The TCL T-Pro air conditioners have the ability to sanitize and clean the indoor air while delivering cool air. This one of the best inverter air conditioners comes with a built-in Dipolar Ion Generator that releases negative and positive ions which attract bacteria and other harmful germs and prevent them from being circulated in the room along with the air. The released ions effectively damage the cells of viruses and bacteria making them ineffective and ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment for you. 

TCL air conditioners


The Bottom Line


With the continuous rise in temperature and increase in the level of pollution and diseases, it has become imperative to have the best air conditioner unit that not only delivers cool and chilled air for your comfort but also offers clean and healthy air to breathe and ensures ultimate care and protection to the users. So, what are you waiting for go get home one of the best air conditioners from TCL and take care of your loved ones.


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TCL India·2022-02-21

Tips TCL India·2022-02-21