Reasons Why Having a TCL Air Conditioner in Your Home is a Must

TCL India·2022-01-11

Tips TCL India·2022-01-11

Air conditioners have become a part of every household and with the rising temperature, ACs have become even more significant. Once considered a rare luxury, air conditioners have now become a necessity during the stifling summer months. Thankfully there are some of the best air conditioners from TCL to rescue you from the scorching heat. TCL air conditioners have established their market and the cutting edge designs of these ACs makes them stand apart from the crowd. Investment in purchasing the best AC should be done keeping in mind the price paid for it is worth it or not. The Wi-Fi-enabled TCL Ocarina AC can easily be controlled through the TCL Home App and it also supports voice control assistance. The TCL ACs comes with a UVC sterilization filter that can kill up to 98.66% of bacteria. These ACs also feature Gentle Breeze to ensure quiet cooling without direct flow and more. To ease down your task of choosing the best AC available in the market we have jotted down some very obvious reasons why having a TCL air conditioner is beneficial.


Pros of TCL Air Conditioners


TCL is known to offer the most affordable lineup of air conditioners in the Indian market. From appliances to experience TCL air conditioning technology has shifted from merely catering to a particular function to an interactive product offering a pleasant customer experience. Here are some major benefits of TCL air conditioners:


· Affordable Price


TCL air conditioners are known for having some of the most affordable price tags but do not compromise with quality. This is the reason why most consumers choose TCL over other popular brands.


· Excellent features


The TCL AC units are equipped with an array of great features including 4-step air purification, Vitamin C filter, quick cooling, and more. 


· Great performance


Even at an affordable price point, TCL ACs are capable of producing a solid and reliable lineup of air conditioning systems that can perform well as expected.


· Dust and Anti-Bacterial Filters


TCL ACs feature a UVC filter and Bipolar Ionic Generator that help remove pollutants, pollen, bacterium, dust mites and other invisible dust to keep the room protected so that you breathe in the fresh air every time.

· Energy Efficient & Economical


One of the major advantages of having a TCL AC at home is that it helps you save upto 50% of the electricity when compared to a regular AC. Lesser consumption of electricity means lower electricity bills.



· Gentle Breeze & Noiseless Operation


Yet another significant advantage of owning a TCL AC for your home is that you get to enjoy noiseless and uninterrupted sleep. The TCL Ocarina AC is designed to throw a gentle breeze without making any noise. 


· B.I.G. Care Technology


B.I.G stands for Bipolar Ionic Generator that is meant to generate a large volume of plasma and atoms that are capable of killing the disease-causing germs, viruses and bacteria, whereas the UVC sterilization ensures complete safety of the air around you. 

Ocarina AC BIG care


· Uniform Air Distribution


With the 4-way airflow and more than thousands of micro-holes arranged in an S-shape formation, you can be assured of even distribution of the air across the room. No matter wherever you are in the room you can make your cool moments cooler.


· Smart Connectivity


The next big advantage of the TCL Inverter ACs is smart connectivity. You can now control your AC with just a tap or even your voice command using Google Assistant from anywhere and everywhere simply by keeping it connected to the TCL Home app. 

TCL Smart AC


· More Interesting Benefits of TCL ACs


Other cool features that make TCL ACs a must-have are 60 degrees Celsius ambient cooling to ensure your room remains cool irrespective of the temperature outside. The air-cooled e-box provides continuous cooling even at 60 degrees Celsius ambient and 100% cooling capacity output at even 50 degrees Celcius ambient.


Modern aesthetics that enhance the beauty of the room is an added advantage and the seamless TCL customer service is the cherry on the cake, offering the customers the best after-sales service. 


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TCL India·2022-01-11

Tips TCL India·2022-01-11
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