Comparison of P725 V/S Brand-H

TCL India·2022-03-01

TCL India·2022-03-01

A Detailed Comparison between the TCL Video Call 4K TV P725 and Brand-H 4K TVs


TCL has quickly become a prominent brand in India and has continuously been giving all the major brands tough competition with its aggressive pricing and cutting edge technology. Based on its vision of bringing technology closer to people TCL introduced the P725 4K Video Call TV. This TCL 4K TV is a feature-packed smart TV and starts at a competitive price. Apart from running on the latest version of Android, it has several other high-end specs including Dolby Vision-Atmos, Hands-Free Voice Control 2.0, 4K HDR, MEMC, HDMI 2.1 support and more. Here is a detailed comparison between TCL P725 4K Video Call TV and other “H” brand to understand why the TCL P725 has a leading edge over others. 

Comparison of P725 V/s Brand-H


Understanding the Key Features of TCL 4K Video Call TV P725


Video Call Feature: The TCL P725 supports the Google Duo app which enables the user to make and take video calls and get connected with their loved ones across the globe. Whereas the “H” brand does not support and cannot be treated as a video calling TV.


Hands-Free Voice Control 2.0: One key advantage of the TCL P725 over the TV from the “H” brand is the ease of control. The user can easily control the TV hands-free with just their voice while operating the TV from the “H” brand will always be a hassle.


Picture Quality: Picture quality certainly happens to be a key feature when we compare televisions. While the TCL P725 sports HDR 10, 4K resolution and above all Dolby Vision the “H” brand does not feature Dolby Vision which greatly impacts the video quality. The TCL 4K Video Call TV P725 also features Dynamic Colour Enhancement whereas the “H” brand features only Wide Colour Gamut.


Sound System: Sound system is an integral part when considering the key specs of a television. The TCL P725 features 24W speakers with Dolby Atmos and DTS technology whereas the “H” brand only features a 20W speaker with Dolby Digital Decoder.


Operating System: Operating system happens to be a key advantage when you have the TCL P725. It features Google Certified Android 11 (latest version) offering it an edge over the “H” brand which features Android 9.


Other Specs: Apart from these key specs the TCL 4K Video Call TV P725 features a 64 Bit Quad-Core processor along with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM which goes missing from the TV offered by the “H” brand. Not only this, but the P725 also offers you immense hours of content where you get access to limited content from the “H” brand.


The Bottom Line

Considering all the key specs it is quite evident that TCL 4K Video Call P725 has an edge over the “H” brand and is certainly considered a better choice when compared. 


This stunning feature-laden TCL P725 Video Call 4K TV is now available at all our TCL outlets and TCL online brand store along with offline partner stores and e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.


TCL India·2022-03-01

TCL India·2022-03-01