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With fast-moving life, nuclear families and women moving out to work electrical appliances have become an integral part of urban life. To take care of the household chores people now look for appliances that can make their life. One of the most hassled household tasks is doing the laundry but doing it manually could be time-consuming as well as less efficient too. But if you wish to get spick and span clothes in no time then washing machines are the best solution. However, with so many types and options available in the market, it could be really confusing to choose the best washing machine. TCL, one of the global leaders of consumer electronics, has a number of options for you in the washing machine segment. This article about washing machines will give you detailed information on different types of washing machines and how to choose the one that will suit your needs.


How to Choose the Best Washing Machine


Everyone considers various factors before making up their mind to buy a washing machine. Often people spend a lot of time searching for the best washing machine online. In this article, we will be sharing information on some of the most common types of washing machines. With constant evolution in the field of technology, washing machine manufacturing brands like TCL have come up with features like auto-error detection, digital display and more. Here are some key features you should look for in a washing machine before buying it.


1.  Capacity of Washing Machine: The capacity of the washing machine that you choose depends on several factors. One of the most important things is the number of members in your family. If you are in a nuclear family then a machine of 6.5kg would do the needful. However, if you have a larger family then you would certainly require a washing machine with higher capacity. Brands like TCL have ample options available when it comes to capacity. Another thing to consider while choosing the capacity of the washing machine is the frequency of laundry. If you choose to do the laundry for a small family then 6.5kg  would be sufficient. For medium to larger families doing the laundry regularly, you would need a washing machine with 7 to 8.5kg.


2.  Type of Machinery: In India, there are mainly two types of machinery that are available the first one being the fully automatic machine and the latter being the semi-automatic washing machines.


· Fully Automatic Washing Machines: While in the case of fully automatic washing machines all you need to do is simply connect the machine to a water source, add the detergent and the laundry and set the wash cycle as per the requirement. Now you can conveniently leave your laundry headache to the TCL fully automatic washing machine. Simply sit back and enjoy a clean and safe laundry. 


· Semi-Automatic Washing Machines: Whereas, in the case of a semi-automatic washing machine you will have to add the water separately and the user will have to manually remove the clothes from the washer and put it in the dryer. 


Since fully automatic washing machines are the need of the hour, global brands like TCL focus on the manufacturing of fully automatic washing machines.


3.  Load Type: Based on load type washing machines can be categorized under the following one is the front load and the second is the top load washing machines. Both these types of washing machines have their own benefits. Keeping in mind the requirement of the Indian consumers' companies like TCL offer both these types of washing machines.


· Top Load Washing MachinesTo put in a nutshell, top load washing machines are quite easy and convenient  to operate as the user won’t have to crouch down to put the laundry. Also, another advantage of the top load machines is that the user has the flexibility to pause the cycle and add in any item of laundry that they might have missed.


Top load washing machines


· Front Load Washing Machine: Front-load washing machines are the demand of the newer generation. However, the drum is pretty much similar to the top load. Front-load washing machines have a central pulsator that is gentle on clothes and the washing function takes place in a tumble motion.


Front load washing machines


4.  Number of Wash Programs: The number of wash programs is yet another thing that one should look for in the washing machine. The more programs the more convenient it becomes for the user. More wash programs also signify that the machine comes with dedicated functions for different types of fabrics. TCL washing machines feature around 8 to 16 wash programs that are designed to take ultimate care of all your laundry needs. Wash programs like prewash, intensive, drum clean, bedding, cotton, allergy care etc. give your fabrics the care that they deserve.


TCL Wash Programs


5.  Type of Drum: One of the most important things to consider is the drum type of the washing machines. While some drums that can hamper the clothes if lint gets stuck. However, brands like TCL keeping in mind the protection and care that your laundry needs offer honeycomb crystal drums. The drum features a honeycomb-like structure that ensures optimum protection to the fabrics.


Washing machine Drum


6.  Energy Efficiency: One should certainly check for the energy efficiency rating of the appliance before making up their mind to buy it. Most of the leading brands offer appliances that come with a 4-star or 5-star energy efficient rating. However, with TCL the case is very different. TCL washing machines come with an A+++ energy rating which clearly states that they will help you save a lot upon your electricity and water bills.


TCL washing machine Energy Efficiency


7.  Other Things to look for: Apart from these major features, there are a bunch of other features too that one should certainly look for in their washing machine. TCL which is said to be one of the best consumer electronic brands offers the following features:


· Hot Water Wash: Coming with an inbuilt water heater, the TCL washing machines are capable of heating the water up to 95-degree Celsius. This not only ensures that your laundry gets complete protection from germs and bacteria but also offers you a sterilized laundry experience.


Hot water wash


· Auto Error Detection: Auto error detection is one of the very interesting features that the TCL offers. The machines are designed intelligently to automatically detect the error and display the error code. With the help of the error code the user can get to know the possible cause and can also find an appropriate solution.


Auto error detection


· Digital Display: Digital display is yet another feature of the TCL washing machines. The digital display tells the user how much time is left for the wash cycle to complete. The digital display is also a useful feature when it comes to load-detection, time delay or child-lock.


· Dual Detergent Case: Not many brands offer a dual detergent case in their washing machines but global brands like TCL recognize the importance of the dual detergent case and feature it in their products. The dual detergent case gives the users the flexibility to switch or use the detergent of their choice be it the liquid detergent or the traditional detergent powder.


TCL Dual Detergent




So, here we have shared all the important information that could help you make the best and a rational choice while buying a washing machine. Among the many other electronic appliances that we use, washing machines occupy an integral position. While the capacity and the load type should be decided keeping in mind your family needs energy efficiency, drum-type and additional features should not be ignored. 




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